Speaking of Life...


I hate my life. I just spent 20 minutes typing a post. A good one. And I accidentally hit a button that took me to another page. And when I came back to the page where I was writing, the post was gone. I think I'm going to go emo.

But in better news... Band concert Monday at 7--go because you love me and emily and alexa and allyson and pretty much so everyone in band. mmmhmm.



Well hello there kiddies...this be becca again..writing from one blog to another...amanda the man eaters to well..uhh..just elise..

Elise is currently sitting next to me in computer class diligently working hard on microtype which happens to be the stupiest thing ever invented for 14 year olds...I mean seriously Elise happens to be an amazing typer and wow i'm so jealous of her...She got her hair cut and she looks more super cute than usuall.

This mornig I (Becca)....had to...wait..... 20 minutes for the bus in the 10 degree weather that was frozen.....to find that...Ethan and Emily's bus came to pick me up...and well I had to move Zach Simmons' backpack ontop of him while he was sleeping ( just so you know.. it is impossible to sleep on my bus because it is so rediculosly loud) just to get a seat.

Well off I go logging off.
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Becca the not man eater