Speaking of Life...


time to update :)

Well. According to all of you, it's time to update. Fine.
Well I WENT SHOPPING TODAY with Sarah k. and I bought a fuzzy brown sweater :-) AND CHRISTMAS UNDERWEAR WITH JINGLE BELLS ON IT AND IT SAYS ....JINGLE ALL THE WAY.... ON THE BUTT. I'm so pumped.
I ate a bagel for lunch. With butter. It was so good.
We lost our game on Wednesday 6-0 to Somers. Their fans suck ass like whoa. Idiotfaces. ANYWAY, they gave Kylee a concussion by kicking her in the head after she slammed her head on the ground. Pssssh. And I got pictures in the newspaper... again... um... yay? Whateverrrrrrr.
So now that soccer is over... I'm gonna have a life again!!! Meaning being able to go to the mall on weekends... sleeping in on Saturdays... and best of all... NO MORE SMELLY SHINGUARDS.

^^^^ Smelly shinguards. ^^^^

Well I'm out... time to make dinner for everyone. CAN YOU SAY QUESADILLAS.

I can.

<3 Elise