Speaking of Life...



Ok seven minutes later and I just can't resist posting again. Here are the results of boredom, me, and yahoo image searches.

wooooooooooooo irish guys AND cowboy hats... not to mention the best music ever. Yep. Just for you Amanda :)

NAIL POLISH yay :-p Ok i'm a dork...

The bell just rang time to go kiddies :-p

mmmm... school...

Let's go with red. I'm feelin crazy enough for it today.

Well right now I'm in the middle of yet another hectic day at school, updating from the library because this is the only time I even have TIME to go on the computer.... stupid homework.... and then when I get here they try to tell me "You have to sit by yourself becaues you failed one of your midterms..." and I'm like what the crap. I don't fail things. So I asked them what and they said my portfolio. HELLO if I failed that then so did the entire freshman class. Turns out it was my brother who failed it and the names didn't print well so she didn't know if it was me or him. whatever. I'm not failing it.... its all good.

YESSSSSS We're playing Vinal Tech today... its an entire hour away. A waste of my good studying time. But thats ok :-p It'll be fun and they are so going down. And I'm sleeping over Sarah's house tonight... yes on a school night... what priviledged children we are :) It's only because my mom's in the hospital to get the rest of her... mmm... process done? Its all good.


Pep rally tomorrow. Where jazz band will play. And kick some butt. Because that's just whattt we do. :-p



OH MY GOSSSSSH. I can eat apples now! I guess I'm not allergic anymore or something but they don't make me itchy or anything! Wow. I'm pumped.

and now I have to go to Steven's football game with Emily. YAYYYYYYY FOR FOOTBALL....?