Speaking of Life...


heh heh heh

Sorry but I just HAD to post this.

You are

What Rejected Crayon Are You?



I don't have too much to write, as usual, but I got a MySpace... so y'all better go check it out!!! Nothing much really happened today... I had soccer practice which wasn't too bad seeing as I am still alive and breathing :)
Janelle slept over last night. I know. I have too many sleepovers. But they just rock. We did like a huge photo shoot with some pictures including Duncan the cat, my sister, and we were gonna use the snake... but some people were scared of it *don't worry it wasn't me* so we used a stuffed one instead :-p
I'll post pictures of that as soon as I'm able to get on the other computer... yay :)
Au Revoir mes amies!

The Pictures :-p

Ok here are some of the picutres of me and janelle being... just... dumb. Just for you Emily :)

Awww Duncan is so cute :)

He's still cute :)

Janelle posing with Emily's door... right.

Janelle and me wooooh! Wow we're such models... :-p