Speaking of Life...


this post is so great, it doesn't have a title.

Yeah, that's right boys and girls. This post is so amazing, so wonderful, so incredibly interesting, no title would do it justice.

Or maybe I have absolutely nothing to write about therefore no topic to turn into a title.

That's more like it.

Anywho. I'm babysitting Ashley's adorably cute doggie for about... 4 days. And she's cute. And she rocks. And I want to keep her. :-p But that obviously can't happen. Whatever.

And once again, it's boiling hot at my house and I am gonna have to run later. GROSS. Now for my random picture of the day. Does anyone remember this guy? From one of those old Christmas Movies?

That's right. Heat Miser. Y'all prolly have NO idea what I'm talking about... thats ok.


how gangsta are you, bitch?

What is yo name? Elise
Yo gangsta name be Cracka Jack Snappa
You ride around in a 1964 Chevy Impala
Yo Gang The Vanilla Icers
Yo shoes be Flip Flops
How gangsta are you, bitch? 86%

SWEET. Anyway, Sorry, I had to post it. I tried to post the actual table with links and such but it didn't work, so if you wanna know how gangsta you are, bitch, then click it.


yessss cape cod pictures

Hey guys I found some old Cape Cod pictures buried in one of my files so I posted some of the loverly ones here for ya :-p

Jahnna after drinking... too much coffee.
weeee on the beach
more of us on the beach
This picture has a story. One night Brit and I were SUPER hyper... but the rest of the cabin was sleeping so I crawled up onto her bed with my camera and took pictures until the flash woke some people up... and I tripped on the way down and slammed into the wall. We're cool kids, I swear.

Ahhh... Kara, me, and our marsh mud facials after kayaking.


I stole this from brit :)

Which one of your friends...
Is the funniest: Amanda, Emily, Alexa, Brit
Is the smartest: Amanda or Emily. PFFFFT. FRENCH AWARD? :-p
Is the most blonde: Alexa
Can you trust with anything: Emily, Amanda, Alexa, Brittany, the Sarah's... lots of people
Is the most athletic: UHM DUH SARAH M. She runs for FUN. Weirdo :-p
Has the best smile: i think alexa
Has the best hair: i love alexa's hair... and Brit has a really nice hair cut... and Emily has curly hair *JEALOUS*
Can sing the best: Emily and Alexa
Whos your best friend of the opposite sex? Hmmm Tyler or Ethan I think? I dunno they're all just good friends.
Has the most classes with you: pffffft classes? IT'S SUMMER.
Is the most daring: Jahnna
Changes crushes as much as underwear: Sarah K
Has had the longest relationship: Emily and Ryan
Is the most emotional: Sarah K hehehe
Is the richest: Emily or Tyler. Richyrich pants.
Is the most obsessive: I'm not sure really. We all seem to be sane enough :-p
Is the girliest: Sarah K. or uhmmm... ashley kinda. but not too bad.
Likes cottage cheese: uhmmm... my mom does? I don't think anyone I know besides her eats it. it's damn NASTY.
Has the funniest laugh: DEFINITELY Kristen.
Knows the most music: Alexa
Has the nicest room: I love Brit's room and Ashlyn's room definitely. And emily's room is LIME GREEN. YESSSS.
Is the most popular: I'd have to say Elise***that's what Brit wrote. Hun, you're crazy, we're all EQUALLY "popular" or whatever. so... EVERYONE!
Is most likely to get married soon: Hmmm Alexa maybe? or Sarah K?
Has the most common name: Emily, Sarah, Ashley
Has the most uncommon name: Ashlyn, me... no one else really
Has the best clothes: uhmmm Ashley... Sarah M... lots of people
Knows EVERYTHING about you: Emily, Alexa, Brit, Sarah K., Sarah M.
Is easiest to talk to: Alexa
Is easiest to be weird around: ooooooh. EVERYONE. But probably Sarah K. Sarah M. or Alexa or Emily. Or Amanda. Or Jahnna... yea. Lots of people.

{the end}

hehehe that was fun :-p but rather superficial. Oh well, I'm bored with nothing to do. CIAO DAHLINGS. And leave a lovely comment.