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Yes, that's right folks, your one and only Flolio has returned!!! I am back from PARADISE.... ok the New York version of PARADISE.... that's right. 1,000 islands. And before you all ask the two questions i KNOW you're going to ask... shut up and let me answer them.

  • Yes, 1,000 Islands as in the dressing as in where they invented it. No, that is not why we went there, but Yes, I bought some. Sweet.
  • Yes, there really are 1,000 Islands, infact there are about 1,803 of them. No, I didn't count them.
  • And the bonus round... Yes, I did get sunburned, No not that badly, and YES I got really bad tan lines.... you'll see them when I wear pretty much so any shirt of mine.

Right, so I've been cut off from all civilization (i.e. computers, t.v., phones... yea I had my cell but I DON'T LIKE WASTING MINUTES.) but while my life lacked those certain things, I had fun doing stupid boring dumb things with my cousins. Let's see. We went swimming in the St. Lawrence during a major storm... for you nimnums, Yes that is STUPID. One of my cousins and I tried canoeing during this storm and managed to flip the canoe and fill it with water 3 times before giving up. Some dumb jetski-er came out in front of our camp (we're right on the water) while we were all outside and proceeded to do many stupid tricks such as multiple donuts... 180's.... 360's.... jumping humungo waves... and such. It was insanely random and weird he like, put on a show for us or something. So we ran inside and wrote things such as "7.5" and "Sweet Moves" on paper plates and came back out and jumped up and down holding them so he could see... and then he fell off his jetski and we all laughed our asses off. We did EXTREME tubing. Defenition? Sitting/laying/kneeling/whatever on a tube being pulled by a boat that my brother is driving. Wow. It was so fun. But I think I lost about umm.... a gazillion brain cells. We played just about every card game ever invented and then some... pigged out on lollipops *yessssssss*... and sang songs that we made up like "Cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I meow meow meow and I meow meow meow. Cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I poo poo poo and I poo poo poo. Cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I purr purr purr and I purr purr purr." Yessss it was AWESOME. We also stargazed because you can see just about ummm... like... every star ever up there. Including the Milky Way. It was sweet.

As fun as swimming in a scummy river with 5 foot fish and making up songs was.... I missed everyone back home :) I ALSO missed the last dance. Dang. That sucks. Oh well I guess life goes on. I'm gonna go finish unpacking... it's a wonder I've avoided it this long :-p

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