Speaking of Life...



Well I haven't updated in a long time because... nothing's happened in a long time.
I did go to Sarah Marchand's beach house this weekend. SO fun. Matt brought a friend too, Garrett, and they kept running in and spraying Sarah and I with Axe. A nasty smelling Axe, by the way. It reminded me of roadkill. So we decided we had to get them back. We made an elaborate plan involving a hose that was sprayed on the boys, and two huge buckets of water that were dumped on the boys. Oh, and Matt's favorite stuffed monkey was our hostage.

I'm going to the doctor in a week! Then I'll hopefully be able to play soccer. I haven't played in so long. I miss it so badly :-( I swear I'll BEG my doctor to let me play.

I have SUCH a craving for waffles. I'm gonna go eat something that's not waffles because... I don't have waffles.

As exciting as this post was, I'll have to end it here to go feed myself. I am SO hungry.