Speaking of Life...



Finally, after many long, agonizing, torturous months of hell, summer has arrived. This means sleeping late, playing soccer, and parties :-D I've already had two and woot they were awesome.
First, Emily's; I went home with her after graduation and we lifeguarded her sister's party along with Ashley. Then we set up for her party and waited for all of y'all to arrive. While we were waiting some punks named Dan and... someone else *i forgot his name, but it was a weird one* were wearing their pants so low I could read the brand on their underwear. These kids are like, what? 9? 10? and their pants are already falling to the floor? Sorry that sounded wrong, but at the rate they're going, it WILL mean something gross by the time they're our age. So of COURSE, me being me, I harrassed them until they tried to tell me off, then I harrassed them a little more and got them to try and pull their pants up. I was about to buy those retards some belts. But HANYWAYS, we swam a lot at emo's party and then played soccer barefoot where 5 of my 10 toes were pulverized by numerous collisions. Girls vs. Boys, and girls, we kicked their sorry asses.
Then I slept over at Emily's house and we fell asleep really early because we were so tired. We woke up and ate 1/2 a watermelon *together, so technically 1/4 of a watermelon each* among many other assorted foods, laughed hysterically about eating watermelon, fed Ellie a shrively hot dog and triscuits, then went to Tyler's house. His party was also SO fun. Especially his slippery pool. So we hung out and did the same thing we did at emily's and then when the parents in charge of picking austin, emily, and I up from T's house failed to show at 9:00, we all *tyler corey austin emily garret and i* started arm wrestling. I beat everyone out except Austin and T's little brother on my left hand. Funfunfun. Then we went up to Tyler's room because me and Emily are nosy like that and it was SUPER clean, like, 50 billion times cleaner than mine, and he said it was dirty. Emily and I just started laughing at him. Then we got picked up and Emily slept over at my house where we watched BAMBI, and did a ton of other stupid things.

That's my summer so far. Now I feel like crap and am super pissed because I can't go to Nicki's party. Relatives are so dumb. I LOVE YOU NICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still gonna buy you a present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!