Speaking of Life...



AAAAAH my parents aren't feeding me. That is to say its like... 8:00 and we haven't eaten dinner yet. We better call those chinese people before they close.
Our last band concert was on Wednesday. Alexa and I made our speech that we weren't supposed to make... I was shocked Beldenator didn't immediately rip out my jugular. She's probably saving that for next band practice ;-) Well for anyone who was there, you knew that we were loving it hhehehehe.
Tomorrow we're going to stand outside Highland Market and ask for donations to fund the Washington History Day trip... we also coaxed the board of ed to pay our registration fee, hopefully. Dr.Bernard was all "I hope Coventry wins, I hope we win, it'd be GREAT if we won", but she won't give us money. I totally completely understand it will take time to recieve money, because of everything that they would have to do, if we get any, and we also don't expect the board to pay the full trip. But I mean, she didn't want to give us any money, yet she was so bent on us winning. She said how proud she would be if we won, and all that crap, and I'm thinking... if we lose are we supposed to return in shame? But whatever.
Good my parents are finally deciding to buy food for my poor stomach ;-) check you cool cats later.