Speaking of Life...



Blech. I don't reallly feel like posting... but here I am. I swear I am like, addicted to this thing. Well HANYWAYS, I watched my U2 live at slane castle dvd, brainwashing provided by Salamander, and it was really good. Especially the beach ball part.

"Look Edge, a BEACH BALL."

Right. It was funnier on the dvd.

We have to write this totally insane term paper. 10 to 15 pages. I VOTE 10. I'm writing about the Loch Ness monster and stuff, whoopteedoo. It is just SO exciting, it makes me wanna pee my pants. <<>>

But speaking of the matter of... bladder contents, we were doing relay races in gym and I got third leg *yay I love that one :-D* and me and karl had to pee really bad. But I had to go worse because then I went straight to the dentist after school and could only go at four. And why I didn't use the locker room lou's may you ask? They're gross. Case closed.

Time for dinner so I'll check you chicas later :-D