Speaking of Life...


Cool old guy

Ok I stumbled upon some cool old guy's webpage while trying to find out how a frog's tongue is attatched to its mouth on google. He says...

"Don't be a Cyberbum."

It's too late for me.

Go read this guy's site hes crazy cooky woohoo. So Hoop T Do.


Thugs in my bathroom

Ok there's these mover guys who finally delivered that tabletop we've been waiting for for a year, and they USED OUR BATHROOM. This big thug guy just like... used it. GROSS. I am never using that place again. And it's always that same combo- big thug and little thug. I don't know what the little one is for I mean he looks like his doo-rag weighs more than he does. Great, now little thug is coughing... prolly spreading some airborne form of an STD through my house. Hold on I'll be right back.

Ok back. Sorry, there was this ad on t.v. for pamprin and I turned it up really loud to make them all uncomforatable-ish. Because they scare me. Anyway... I'm out. So I'll see y'all tomorrow hopefully... if I'm not sick still :-(

survey correction

Ok y'all i got a little stuff to clear up with the survey...

---the best---

That's how it came out because blogger is being so flipping retarded lately. It also wouldn't let me edit that part. It SHOULD be

---the best---

^^^^^well DURR. hehehe

glad that's cleared up. I don't do hot. hehe.


Kristen's Survey... :-D

Sorry Kristen I stole your survey... but I'm bored with no life too and it looked fun :-D

I have been to Canada.
I have seen Gothika.
I am wearing Nail Polish.
I was born in March.
I hate school.
I am gemini.
I like black.
I share a room with someone.
I have a cell phone.
I play an instrument.
I play basketball.
I love to dance.
I like to sing.
My hairbrush is purple.
I love Ashton Kutcher.
I love chocolate.
I like popcorn.
I am a good singer. <<>
I have braces.
I love to go to the movies.
I have a pool.
I have a hot tub.
I believe in love at first sight.
I like Britney Spears.
I like to shop.
I love lipgloss.
I love Dory from Finding Nemo.
I love my life.
I have a boyfriend.
I have a crush.
I believe in Angels.
I am in love. <<
I love summer.
I graduate in the year 2009.
I love cookies N cream ice cream.
I love cupcakes.
I go to a camp every summer.
I named my cell phone. <<
I love make-up.
I love eyeliner.
My hair is its natural color. <<<>
I love going to the pool.
I love going to the beach.
I am a book worm.
I like school.
I am going to go to college.i>
I am addicted to aim.
I watch Amazing Race.
My room is yellow.
I have a sister(s).
I have a brother(s).
I wanna go to Antartica.
I love penguins.
My favorite color is pink.
I like skirts better then shorts.
I am in middle school.
I am in high school.
I have my own car.
I have my learners permit.
I love talking on the phone.
I like the name Melvin.
I don’t like Ashlee Simpson.
I like ashlee simpson.
I like roses.
I get bored easily.
I love watching TV.
I like nail polish.
I like playing sims.
I like to work out.
---cute---<<in my own special stupid way :-D
---sports fanatic---
---boy crazy---
---teachers pet---
---trouble maker---
---the best---
current mood: sugar high!
current music: Queen
current hair: half up half down and curled
current smell: Peony
current worry: School projects and History Day
current annoyance: School
current hate: unsharpened pencils
current love: the easter bunny... what a hottie
current crush: errgh i dunno
current obsession: IPod
current plans for tonite: sleeping?
current thing you should be doing: Prolly anything but this
current regret: I don't really have one
current book: Catalyst
favorite book: The Lovely Bones
current TV show your watching: Nanny 911... ha the dumbest show ever
current favorite band: U2/Queen
current favorite movie: The Notebook
current person your talking to/IM: nobody... i'm not on
current avoidance: health food :-D

last movie watched: Captain Ron
last cd listened to: Hairspray Broadway soundtrack
last thing eaten: orange juice
last thing you drank: orange juice
last item you bought: The Wreckers t-shirt
last store you went to: I dunno...
last person talked to: Ashley
last thing you said: Eric you buttface GIVE ME THAT!
last ice cream eaten: chocolate peanut butter
last soda drank: diet coke with lime
last person you called: Ashley
last person that called you: Ashley
last time showered: This morning
last shoes worn: Adidas tennis shoes
last cry: hmmmm... haven't had any lately

betcha wanna shoot me after reading that :-D ciao dahlings i'm out

Ouellette family reunion...

Ok as y'all know, this past Sunday was Easter Sunday. This year we picked this hallmark holiday as an excuse for my dad's side of the family to get together and have a makeshift family reunion. My littlest cousins came, Shaelyn (3) and Madysin (6) and I got to play Barbies for about... let's see... way longer than is healthy for the average 14 year old. Then I was sitting on the couch watching the Incredibles and it took me about 5 minutes to realize that I was buried in little kids. There was one on my lap, one asleep against me, one on the other side of me, and two huddled up against them. I was like "whoa... where did you guys come from?" Then later in the movie the one asleep on my lap (Shaelyn) woke up, looked at me, and said "Whose mommy are YOU?" Well I was shocked for a little bit until I said "Hun... I'm your cousin." She seemed so disapointed. Hehehe. But honestly, I don't look like a mommy. Do I? Eeeeeeew. Hopefully not for another 15 years or something. Blech.

It's amazing that I come from the family I do. I mean, NONE of the kids talk hardly at all *and you can't shut me up* so I just join in the adult's conversations cuz they DO talk. And believe me sometimes I don't think I'm qualified *agewise* to participate in those conversations. When it comes to that, I sit in a comfy chair, avoid all personelle, and stare at nothingness.

Then on Easter Sunday I got to go to church. Whoopdeedoo. I got to sit in between my little cousins and we got their early so Madysin was talking her head off. "I can count to ahundred!!! Isn't that so cool? I learned that at school." *Yah. That's so awesome.* "READY?!?!?!!? 1....2.........3.........4.....5.......6...... *5 minutes later*49.....ummmmmm.......uuuuuuuhh.... (me)"FIFTY." "yah! 50! 51............52........." wow. The things I go through... ;-D

Anyway... that's all I can remember.

I survived the frog dissection today. Ethan sliced open the poor thing and I answered all the questions with the help of Kate :-D Oh yah and Brittany watched Ethan slice it open. That's about it. Everyone stole my lotion because poor dead frogs smell like... gross.

I'm not going to the dance this Friday so don't even ask me girlies :-D they just suck more and more, they never play REAL music *Queen, U2, anything NOT rap...* And no one dances at them. They're getting kinda old so POOF I'm done with 'em. hehhe. Of course I'm still going to the semiformal though, and I will drag Jahnna and Amanda kicking at screaming with me.

'Owy cwap I wrote like a novel. And I know y'all don't like to read my novels. So I'm out like..... I'll come up with an analogy later. Ciao dahlings