Speaking of Life...


concert tonight :-D

Michelle Branch concert tonight!!! SOOO EXCITING!!! I'm taking emo for her birthday present and its gonna be cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet. :-D I hate my brother too.

I'm so excited for the concert like whoa. I think y'all can tell though.

We have to dissect frogs on Monday which I will SO NOT partake in. I mean, sure, I'll write up the lab but I will not even TOUCH the frog. It's sick and barbaric to think that one life has value over another. Sure, we have a thinking brain and opposable thumbs and crap, but why does that mean that we can kill frogs to slice them open, probably not learn much, and then throw them in a garbage can? I can't stand it. I'm going to inform Mr. G that it's sick and wrong and I will not participate in the mutilation of the body of a dead, defenseless frog. So shove that up your butts you animal haters who enjoy slicing frogs!!!

Ok I'm off to prep for la concerto. Ciao dahlings!!!!

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