Speaking of Life...


Today. Sucked. Butt.

Whoa y'all, biotch alert.

She'll be referred to as Susy. Today. 6th period. We were working on history the period before and lost track of time because
1) we were working really hard
2) it was a delayed opening schedule which is super duper confusing
3) they switched some of the periods around so we were completely confused.

So we decide to go and check how much time we have until we have to leave. As it turns out, we had -10 minutes. 6th period had already started and we had absolutely no idea. So, we run into matt in the hallway and he said "Oh man you guys, Susy is SO mad. She keeps saying how she's gonna write you up, you better get back there fast." So now we *jahnna, jean, sarah k., and i* are freaked out because we didn't even realize it was 6th period, we're late, and susy is out for blood. We grabbed a quick pass from Dr. Sco and ran into her classroom superdeeduper fast only to be reprimanded in front of the entire class. You know, there is QUITE a fine line between punishing/scolding whatEVER and embarrassing for sport, and did she ever cross that line. It starts off with "WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE YOU WERE! THE OFFICE HAD NO IDEA WHERE YOU WERE!" Ok hun, that's where you're wrong. The office, or Mrs. Castle at least, knew very well where we were *the cafeteria* because she came in and talked to us about our project for about 10 minutes or something. So then she says stuff like "I think you all take advantage of Dr. Sco" Oh well miss thang, you know it all. She is NEVER around when we are with Dr. Sco and she has no idea how much we would NEVER take advantage of him. He is too nice and gives us so much responisbility that we would not disappoint him by doing that. It would be a cruel, rude, nasty thing to do. Something that we just would not do. Oh but as if that isn't enough, Susy goes on to say "You think you have special privileges and that you can get out of these things." Strike three. I do not think that I have special privileges, and if I do I do NOT take advantage of them or even use them. I never try to get out of something that I deserve to be punished or whatever for. I do it, I pay the consequence. Then Susy goes on to accuse us of trying to get out of it and crap when we did not protest what she was saying at all, but only tried to tell her why we were late. We were ready for whatever she was going to say, but we wanted her to know what actually happened first. Then she could do whatever she wanted. So after all this, after complaining about how we wasted her class time, and after she wasted about 10 minutes of her oh-so-precious class time reprimanding us, she simply says "Well, I'm still going to write you up." OH well why didn't you just say that in the beginning? Oh, that's right, I know. Because she just HAD to try and embarrass us first. Because we are good students who don't usually give her reason to do this, and she just HAD to revel in her glory. Her one puny, pathetic, sick moment of "victory".
After class she calls us over to her desk. I'm thinking, Jeezy creezy, as if that wasn't enough before, you just WANT me to hate you as much as possible? So as soon as I get over there I say "I just wanted to say that I do not take advantage of Dr. Sco, I do not think I have special privileges, and I was not in any way trying to get out of this. I accept full responisbility for what happened and I was not trying to avoid the consequenses." So ha, stick that up your butt. And she goes on to say "I'm not really going to write you up. I dont write people up. I've written up about 5 people this whole year." Well, what a good samaritan you are little miss missy! ONLY 5??? That just makes me want to jump up and down and forgive you for that!!! Not. So now I am wondering, WHY in the hell did you say you would write me up if you WERE NOT GOING TO? It all comes back to her sad moment of "victory". She just wanted to try and humiliate me and the others in front of the class why saying that. Well pookie-pie, didn't work. Try again next time.



School sucks.

But at least my hair smells good.

I have to go finish my homework. That I got from school. Which sucks. But first I'll write y'all a lovely post because I know how much you LOVE hearing me blabble on. No, not babble. Blabble.

Ok so today... we had an early release... which gave me two more hours of nothing time. God I love nothing time. I get to do nothing. As always. I can't wait till spring soccer starts because as y'all know I always have to be doing something all of the time and stuff. Yepp.
Alrightski I'm out :)