Speaking of Life...



Hey y'all I'm bored so I'm gonna make a list of random things I find online :) doncha love me

  1. They Called It ‘PMS’ Because ‘Mad Cow Disease’ Was Already Taken
  2. I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.
  3. Microsoft Works now THERE is an oxymoron for ya.

And now I'm mad because I came across this story about a guy who deposited what he thought was a fake junk mail check into his bank account. And it was... except the junk mail company that sent it to him had accidentally made a REAL check. The one he deposited. So he got to legally keep $100,000. Jeezy creezy am I jealous :(


Ok today was all... blech because it was a 90 minute delay which totally screws over the rest of my day... but whatever. I'm not going to the dance tonight because I have to watch the little sister... God help me :) Oh well it doesn't really matter that much because sommmmeone is at ski club so yah. I have to beat up the little sister now because she's all "I know a seeeecret. It has to do with eeeeethan." SO NOW I MUST POUND THE CRAP OUTTA HER. CIAO DAHLINGS.



Ok guys I really do love you all and you know that and I don't want to start a fight or get anyone pissed off... but...

Can we stop using my comments as a battleground please? I just went through them and found so many people fighting and I don't want anything else to happen. You're all entitled to your opinion and you're all right and stuff... but like... I think my blog may be turning into the homebase for WW3 sooo... thats all folks :-D

mucho love-o,



Why am I here I have nothing to write about...

Oooh Ohh I'm getting my retainer tomorrow. HOW EXCITING IS THAT.
Yah I know y'all just got a heart attack. I shouldn't excite ya so much.

So far today I have been bored out of my mind. I took that Nation's Report Card test today and I was one unfortunate loser pinned with the SCIENCE section. EEEW. And to make it worse, I didn't know the answers to ANYTHING they asked because I haven't learned it yet. Example.

18) Use the diagram below to write two steps in the process of how the sandstone was created next to this body of water.

*here was a diagram of the water and the sandstone thing next to it and the earth under it*

ok my answer. I draw an arrow coming up from the earth saying
"The sandstone particles rise to the earth's surface after a long hibernation underground. Then once they have gotten to the top of the soil, the rivers run over them, making them wet. When the rivers disappear, the particles solidify."
Where's my sign... I need one.

Now my shoulder is like twitching or something. I gotta go. :-D



Mon Anniversaire

Alrightskie I probably spelled that wrong but whatever. If it were up to me, all those Frenchmen with that poor hygene would be speaking American by now. Right I'm not here to talk about French and American and stuff. I am here because you all KNOW it was my birthday yesterday and you must be simply dying to know what I got. And although I'm sure I've told most of you already just shut up and listen. :-D
  1. Digital camera!!! *I've been begging for one for like... ever.*
  2. Reallllllly big memory card for the digital camera so I can bring it to FL
  3. New Laurie Halse Anderson book
  4. Cuteeee penguin sculpture to go with my other cuteeee penguin sculptures

I can't believe I got both of those things!!! wow I am a spoiled brat... :-D

Thats all for now chums