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Amanda's Burp

Ok I'm not here to write about anything relevant to you guys... so whats new with that. HANYWAYS... I bet you're wondering why I called this Amanda's Burp... ok so yah here hwe hgo.

rubbersoul009: ew eewe ewwwwwwwwwww

Hence the name of this post.

Ok I'm goin to NY this weekend because it's Grandypop's 80th birthday and we're gonna try to make him feel not old so we're bringing him to a Syracuse Basketball game, and then to a pub. God I swear this will be like the 8th pub I've been in because we go after competitions or shows or stuff. Don't worry, I only drink root beer. It's more fun to watch the pipe band get drunk and stumble around in kilts than to actually take part in it. Except for when two drunk ladies try to make you teach them how to do scottish dancing... then its a little weird. :) Ok well I'm out so I can pack clothes and things to occupy me in the car... this will be hard. I have the attention span of your average pineapple.
Mucho Love-o,




"Gosh maybe I will."
"I'm out making some sweet moolah with Uncle Rico."
"Girls want guys with skills."
"You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
God I love Napoleon Dynamite!!!

Oh jeezy creezy yet another story of my stupidity, comin at ya.
Mr. Goodale brought me and Nicky into the copy room to show us how to use the copier and make copies of stuff for the Cape Cod trip, and we were like.... realllly hypper. So he didn't really want to leave us without making sure we really knew how to use it. He was like... quizzing us I guess and then he said "Now you close the lid" and I just said "GOSH MAYBE I WILL." to him like Napoleon Dynamite... and he thought I was an asylum escapee. Then Nicky started talking like him "SWEEEEEEEEEEET." and "GOSH, YOU SUCK". And then after Mr. G FINALLY left, against his will *we made him*, the copier like, spazzed out and papers started flying everywhere and then it started making weird noises so we just left. :-D

Thats all for now chums!
Mucho Love-o,


My Orange

I have an orange. It is soooo cool. I just took it out of the fruit bowl yesterday and started juggling it *like... soccer juggling not clown juggling. I am not cool enough to do clown juggling." And then it split and theres a big hole in it. But I still juggle with it :-D And I wrote "Elise's Orange... BACK UP OFF YA FOO" on it in permanent marker. I tell ya, its the coolest orange you'll ever meet.

Hanyways, to whomever left that comment on Emo's blog, I hope you came back and read the 6, count 'em, 6, other comments that 5 of her friends and 1 complete stranger left in her defense. Whoever you are, anonymous, *the first anonymous, not the last one. The last one is cool :-D* i just want you to know that I don't like you and you suck eggs and next time you try trashing a blog, go for mine because you'd be even more sorry. I happen to take revenge QUITE seriously, chum, so watch your back.

You wad of feces.
* I would have said shit but I have used up my swearing alottment in emo's blog's comments...*

"oops i said it again. Sorry :-(*

Ok well I'm going over to sarah's house to work on our retarded reading stories and hopefully help her finish her Santa Fe project

Mucho Love-o, Flolio


le commentaire

Hokely dokely y'all I'm at nicky's and we just left another LOOOOVELY comment on emo's blog trashing that anonymous biotch/man biotch. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it is.

Anonymous said...
Hey its Flolio and Ron. Just wanted to say that you're an asshole who needs a life, because you're not contempt with your own boring, meaningless one and therefore come in here and trash me chum emo. SO NOT COOL. I would kick your ass but your too lame to leave your own name. And I would do it via internet, but my browser doesn't have protection against assholes (such as you cough cough) And as Ron says, and I quote, "If you're a man, go smash your funnybone until you die in horrible pain you bag of cornstarch with bugs in it. SWEET."Well said Ron!!! We're gonna go stalk this person till we find their blog and trash it. And if y'alls a lady, may i suggest a new hobby... SHAVE YOUR FRIGGING BACK YOU LOSER BECAUSE IT'LL BE A LITTTTTTLE MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW BIOTCH.Luv yall! *slaps ass* *produced by Flolio, Ron & sons. NOT our sons. Because i dont have a son. i'm not like that. HANYWAYS it was made by us so here's our credits.... uhhhh.... yah. MUY MUY!**slaps ass**

Gotta love us. Hokay we're goin to finish the muy muy poopy retardo St. Augustine project. Well... we're shootin for it.

Mucho love-o,