Speaking of Life...


Science=prunes. Because no one likes prunes.

OK science is officially el dumbo. Not that it wasn't before or anything, but now it is totally unbearable. We have a test tomorrow on heredity crap and I was reading the textbook. And we all know how boring textbooks are. Because you're supposed to learn from them. HANYWAYS, so I was reading about those... err... "reproductive cells"... and I was totally bored, because as I said before, textbooks are boring. So I zoned out like any normal person would and I thought it said "spam and eggs" instead of that... uh... thing... that guys... have... and that thing.... that girls... have. Whatever. Just to warn you what can happen when you zone out while reading a science boooooooook. Well I'm going to go finish studying for science and NOT zone out. :)
Mucho love-o,



OK I HAVE NO MORE BLOWING UP THE WORLD FEELINGS!!! But let me explain why I had them in the first place. I had worked for like... hours on this totally awesome brochure for my project. And it was red. NOT blue, NOT green, but RED. And then it got deleted. And I almost cried. And had hey-lets-hit-the-black-market-and-buy-a-super-bomb-and-bomb-the-world feelings. But they are gone now. DO YOU KNOW WHY???? YES! BECAUSE I FOUND OUT HOW TO MAKE PIE CHARTS ON MY COMPUTER. AND DOUGHNUT CHARTS. AND THEY ARE SO AWESOME. AND MY NEW BEST FRIENDS. OK I'M GOING TO GO CELEBRATE NOW!!! Or as Homestar would say... "buttdance buttdance!!!!!!!!!"

mucho love-o,