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This is just oh-so-exciting!!! and how i spend my saturday nights!!!

OveroptimisticOkay. You're a prep. That's pretty much it in a
nutcase. Nothing is ever wrong in your world,
Miss America! It's all butterflies and
Sunshine. It's just dandy and perfect and yummy
like honey-covered chocolate cream-puffs!
Kittens and puppies and little birdies all roam
around in your head. *Wakeup!*

What's Your Disorder?
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whoever said that was a bad thing?!!?!?!

You're Good n Plenty! You suck! You are gross and
always the nasty stuff thats left at the bottom
of the candy bin!

What type of Candy are you?
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ah of course, the most disgusting candy of all goes to ME.

100% BLONDE. OMG, you are the blondest of blondes. You are
KNOWN for doing the dumbest things, are ALWAYS
having blonde moments, and even your PARENTS
say you are a total bimbo! lmao, BLONDES ROCK.

THE'>http://quizilla.com/users/HIDEsheBLONDE01/quizzes/THE%20BLONDE%20TEST/">THE BLONDE TEST
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pish posh. my mommy never ever called me a bimbo.


Youre the Ultimate Goddess. You have control over
every element. You never lose your cool. Youre
a good person who likes everything to be the
way it is and never change.

People love you for: Your ability to work under
extreme pressure and your leadership.

Which'>http://quizilla.com/users/chick52192/quizzes/Which%20Elemental%20Goddess%20are%20you%3F%20(9%20different%20results%2B%20pictures)/">Which Elemental Goddess are you? (9 different results+ pictures)
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ha yes. i own your MOM.

mmm I'm tired.... sooo that's it for now :)


    is a d/Doooooooorkkk
    with a capitol D.
    butttt i love her anyways.:)

    By Anonymous Alexa, at 11/30/2005  

  • HAHAHA!!!!! You suck ass!!! Good and Plenty...loooooser!!!
    I'm Skittles...colorful and popular!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 12/04/2005  

  • i hate good and plenty

    By Anonymous brit, at 12/04/2005  

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