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Ok seven minutes later and I just can't resist posting again. Here are the results of boredom, me, and yahoo image searches.

wooooooooooooo irish guys AND cowboy hats... not to mention the best music ever. Yep. Just for you Amanda :)

NAIL POLISH yay :-p Ok i'm a dork...

The bell just rang time to go kiddies :-p


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    By Anonymous Adsız, at 10/20/2005  

  • hhahhahah jazz band did indeed kick ass of course.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 10/22/2005  


    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 11/10/2005  

  • YEAAAAH IRISH BOYS IN COWBOY HATS!!! I totally said that out loud--and it was totally in my "rowdy bar fight" voice.

    Anyways...hey! Your picture was in the paper today for soccer--twice! Congratulations!!!

    By Blogger salamander, at 11/10/2005  

  • girl u need to update

    By Anonymous brit, at 11/11/2005  

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