Speaking of Life...



Well as we all know Emily and I are already Thing 1 and Thing 2 and we're recruiting a Cindy Lou-Who and perhaps a Cat in the Hat? Among other Dr. Seuss-like things. yessss. But these, these costumes kick any costumes ass.

Woooo crack hills... ***Click on the picture for a bigger size... duh...***

Gimme your tots. ***Aww Amanda looks like we found that semi outfit you wanted a little bit too late, eh?**

MMMMMMMM BOLTON TOMORROW. I will eat them for dinner.... not really.... you know what I mean.... it's time to start kicking some ass. So. That is what I shall do.

And with that, I'm hungry so I'll go eat SPAGHETTI. Ooooooh. Aaaaaah. Special.


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