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time to update

Wow yea it's time to update :) So. What has happened in the last week or more? Umm... soccer soccer and more more soccer. It is my life for the next few months, so get used to it :) We had a game under the lights last night.... so fun :)

My classes are ok... none worth mentioning except for EARTH SYSTEMS YES Mr.Dillon rocks :) Finally a republican teacher :) well he seems republican. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

Ok my computer is being dumb and freezing up so I'll write more later if I ever get the chance :)


  • okay
    i felt like leaving a message
    but i don't know what to write about

    By Anonymous brit, at 9/10/2005  

  • haha i just thought about that pin that was on your counter: "Friends don't let friends vote democrat"

    By Blogger Emolee, at 9/11/2005  


    By Blogger Emolee, at 9/11/2005  

  • right.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 9/12/2005  

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