Speaking of Life...


Portland's going down =)


  • Good job with your blog! I like it a lot

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    By Anonymous Adsız, at 9/21/2005  

  • woot woot go elsie
    woo i'm cheering for you all the way

    By Anonymous brit, at 9/22/2005  

  • ok nevermind they didn't go down.
    my health certainly did... can't believe I ate McDonald's. *shudder*

    By Blogger Flolio, at 9/22/2005  

  • ewww u sicko
    i'm never going to eat MCDonald's
    although i do eat everything i'm not going to eat that
    you know what
    i'm kind of like a goat

    By Anonymous brit, at 9/23/2005  

  • eew.

    you... tin can muncher.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 9/24/2005  

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