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Yes, that's right. IPOD. As many of you already know and for those of you who will in 2 seconds, Pinki has gone to meet her makers in good 'ol Cali. Her harddrive crapped out and they just put her out of her misery. And gave me another iPod. For free :) Yes and this one is BLUE. Wonderfully turquoise blue. And of course, it HAS to be named, and I can't do that without consulting my friends... because they are just so good at naming inanimate objects. So leave comments and I'll announce it later. God I'm so cool.

WEEEEWOOOOWEEEWOOO TOMORROW IS OPENING DAY FOR SOCCER AND WE'RE HOME SO GO SEE IT YOU ALL MUST GO SEE IT we made our mix tonight and let me just say that We Will Rock You has made number one. YESSSSS. And of course, Dream On and 1,2 Step :) I ate pasta till I almost blew up. And when that passed over I ate cookies until I almost blew up. It was amazing. Yep... anyway...

I got my JV jerseys today... numbah 12 yo!!! Julie stole 8 :( but that's ok because I love her. ANNNNND

I love the Lotus Elise. And mark my words I WILL BUY IT. Eventually. Come on, how could you not want this car?!

Back, front, and top views. Just so you can fall in love with it even more :)

Pfft. Gorgeous. I love it. *drool*

But I can't drive for 2 more years HOT DAMN WHO INVENTED THAT DUMB RULE ANYWAY. :(

Okee.... time to shower maties. Remember to leave names :) Oh yea, and I made jazz band by default... no other altos are scheduled to try out so unless that changes... :-D sweet.


  • i wish i could of tried out :(

    By Blogger Pablo, at 9/13/2005  

  • me too
    although i would suck
    and elise u did awesome at today's game

    By Anonymous brit, at 9/13/2005  

  • thank you doll :-p I WUV YOU!!! lol

    By Blogger Flolio, at 9/13/2005  

  • I think it should totally be a french name. like monsieur bleu or smoething :) and since yuou love me the most and noone else commented i should win.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 9/13/2005  

  • it should be. LuLu. cauz it kinda sounds like blue..and it's cool

    By Blogger Pablo, at 9/14/2005  

  • u should name it brittany of course

    By Anonymous brit, at 9/14/2005  

  • I think it should be Bubba cuz thats an awesome name!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 9/15/2005  

  • oooh even though mine was awesome lulu definitely fits. i mean. definitely.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 9/19/2005  

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