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I stole this from brit :)

Which one of your friends...
Is the funniest: Amanda, Emily, Alexa, Brit
Is the smartest: Amanda or Emily. PFFFFT. FRENCH AWARD? :-p
Is the most blonde: Alexa
Can you trust with anything: Emily, Amanda, Alexa, Brittany, the Sarah's... lots of people
Is the most athletic: UHM DUH SARAH M. She runs for FUN. Weirdo :-p
Has the best smile: i think alexa
Has the best hair: i love alexa's hair... and Brit has a really nice hair cut... and Emily has curly hair *JEALOUS*
Can sing the best: Emily and Alexa
Whos your best friend of the opposite sex? Hmmm Tyler or Ethan I think? I dunno they're all just good friends.
Has the most classes with you: pffffft classes? IT'S SUMMER.
Is the most daring: Jahnna
Changes crushes as much as underwear: Sarah K
Has had the longest relationship: Emily and Ryan
Is the most emotional: Sarah K hehehe
Is the richest: Emily or Tyler. Richyrich pants.
Is the most obsessive: I'm not sure really. We all seem to be sane enough :-p
Is the girliest: Sarah K. or uhmmm... ashley kinda. but not too bad.
Likes cottage cheese: uhmmm... my mom does? I don't think anyone I know besides her eats it. it's damn NASTY.
Has the funniest laugh: DEFINITELY Kristen.
Knows the most music: Alexa
Has the nicest room: I love Brit's room and Ashlyn's room definitely. And emily's room is LIME GREEN. YESSSS.
Is the most popular: I'd have to say Elise***that's what Brit wrote. Hun, you're crazy, we're all EQUALLY "popular" or whatever. so... EVERYONE!
Is most likely to get married soon: Hmmm Alexa maybe? or Sarah K?
Has the most common name: Emily, Sarah, Ashley
Has the most uncommon name: Ashlyn, me... no one else really
Has the best clothes: uhmmm Ashley... Sarah M... lots of people
Knows EVERYTHING about you: Emily, Alexa, Brit, Sarah K., Sarah M.
Is easiest to talk to: Alexa
Is easiest to be weird around: ooooooh. EVERYONE. But probably Sarah K. Sarah M. or Alexa or Emily. Or Amanda. Or Jahnna... yea. Lots of people.

{the end}

hehehe that was fun :-p but rather superficial. Oh well, I'm bored with nothing to do. CIAO DAHLINGS. And leave a lovely comment.


  • hey! i am actually not girlie. and if you are thinking its because i dance then you are..............wrong. haha. i love getting on people's cases about that. i like to beat up ethan, tyler and corey for saying stuff like that, but not you elise!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 8/07/2005  

  • what u beat up people yeah right sarah

    By Anonymous brittany, at 8/07/2005  

  • no but you are just GIRLY. you have a girly aura. it's just a fact of life hun. deal with it.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/08/2005  

  • awwwwwww elise i luv you :)

    By Blogger Pablo, at 8/09/2005  

  • :[ i feel left out.
    jkkk i love you elise


    By Anonymous brotha froma notha motha, at 8/10/2005  

  • awwww i'm sorry :(

    but i love you more.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/11/2005  

  • i'm funny
    ha ha good one
    and has a nice room
    were u drunk when u wrote this

    By Anonymous brittany, at 8/26/2005  

  • oh of course. I make it a point to get insanely drunk all the time...? of course i wasn't. you are funny and i LOVE your room ya gotta get that hot tub outside working chica!

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/26/2005  

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