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Another sleepover :)

Yes, I had yet another sleepover... this time with ALLYSON!!! Woot! Well we went to the mall and first we went to dinner at Friendly's. We got mozzerella *sp?* sticks and uhmmm... basically... grease. It was simply delicious. Then we spent the next 10 minutes trying to use the calculator on my cell phone to divide up the bill and I managed to screw it up a good 5 times. Then we went and shopped and stuff because... we were in a mall... and first *important* stop; Journey's, where Allyson bought her insanely sweet skater shoes. We spent about 25 minutes in there sitting on the fitting bench while she argued with me that I didn't know how to do the shoelaces right and I kept saying "Do too... Do too..." And finally the guy who worked there came over since we were the only ones in there and said "My friend also works here... he's on break right now but when he gets back he can do that for you." And you all know that I need to do things by myself once I've decided that I want to do them so I said "I CAN DO IT! SERIOUSLY!!!! Seriously watch me I can lace up these shoes like crazy." And so he watched until he got bored because I continued to fail at lacing the shoes the right way. So THEN we just decided that you know what, screw it we'll buy them and I'll do it at Allyson's house. So after that.... mmm more unsuccessful shopping but we did buy pants. YAY FOR PANTS!!! And we went to Maggie Moo's because we decided our dinner wasn't sufficiently fattening enough and we had to walk past Journey's again to get back to Barnes & Noble and the shoe guy was there and he yelled "LOOK IT'S LACES GIRL!!!" I was like... wtf.... OH HE'S TALKING TO ME so I yelled hi. I am now Laces Girl. Well, that's my superhero name we decided. Whatever.
After the mall we drove around for like... an hour trying to find a Blockbuster because Allyson and I needed a scary movie.... so then we found Hide and Seek and bought popcorn that we later smothered with even more butter. Damn I'm gonna be so huge in a couple days. ANYWAY. Hide and Seek... mmm.... not scary enough for me. But definitely good! After that we just stayed up uhmm ALL night and didn't sleep at all. We used up all that time by alternating between watching and criticizing cumb music videos and talking about like, everything. Especially high school and dumb boys in high school and how we don't like them. : ) And how my brother would kung-fu anyone's ass if they bothered me. Same with her brothers. Ah, brothers are not so bad after all : )
This morning we walked to the corner store for breakfast. What the hall were we thinking? Not only is it and hour round trip on foot, but the corner store?! Oh well it was fun. Cha we got french toast and we were soooo tired we were like... loopy or something and we paid $4.25 for it and there were two effing pieces of french toast in the container. I almost died laughing. In fact, if we weren't so tired we decided we would have been really pissed off but since we were partially dilirious... delirious? whatever. Since we were partially however you spell that, we just laughed until we like, cried. Then we were still hungry so we bought sunchips and ate them on the way home while screaming Green Day songs at passing cars. And we got back and slept for 1/2 hour before I was woken up by my mom like, kinda kicking me and saying "get uppppy uppy upppp! You have to go to the doctor's!!!" And oh God I did. Physicals just suck ass plain and simple. No denying it. And I got a tetanus shot and my arm feels like it's going to fall off. Eew. I'm gonna go... sit.... or something.... yeah. My life is so exciting.


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