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AH can't sleep

Well... it's 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep... at all... so I"ll give y'all a little post of weird animated things saved in one of my files. Hopefully they come out right because if they don't move, well, it loses some of it's magical charm. Wow... that was gay :-D

Nicki and me are talking about politics and the world and such.... it's quite deep. She has psychiatrist potential :) and now, here's my point of view.

Well. Some people don't like our president do they? Nope. And they have rights not to. I mean, for God's sake, he's put our men in danger over in Iraq. What a numbskull, eh? But that's not really my opinion. And this is my blog, so y'all will shut up and listen :-)

Now... who thinks that Georgey is a bad president? eh? Well... what I have to say isn't really about the president, bashing or defending him. Let's try again. Who thinks that Republicans are snotty refined brats who don't care about the world? Raise your hands. Raise 'em loud and proud. Just like you raise your false accusations loud and proud. You know... those ones about our soldiers abusing those prisoners down in Guantanamo Bay? After those men who are a threat to our country lounge in air conditioned quarters while eating food better than the food I eat and being allowed to keep their holy books or whatever they are and being allowed to pray, to keep their religion, the religion that compells them to hate us, we let them practice it while under our captivity; so after all of that, I say how dare you accuse these soldiers, our country, of abusing them? I don't have air conditioning. I certainly don't have luxury foods and such. And I can also practice Christianity freely! But am I abused? Hell no. So what makes them abused? Ohhh. That's right. To try to get them to talk we played rap music. Ugh. Disgusting stuff that is. I don't like it either. Yet I have to listen to it at times. Am I abused? Once again, hell no. And yes, I understand that they listened to it as punishment to get them to talk and yes I understand it may possibly be interpreted as a mild form of torture but does this... if you are willing to exaggerate with me... torture... physically harm these enemies? Does it forever destroy any aspect, physical or mental, of their life? Let me answer that for you all. NO. But of course, when I said mild form of torture, something may have clicked in some peoples brains. You know what clicked? The idea that "well, torture is torture and no form of it is accpetable. This can be twisted to look terrible." That one. That's what some people think. But alas, everyone has their opinion and way of thinking. So I suppose that won't change. But you know what really gets me? What really gets me angry? My king pet peeve. Liars. Liars and hypocrites and lazy selfish pigs. Awww so you heard about AIDS in Africa, eh honey? Makes you feel bad doesn't it? Well. I'm glad you have time to sit on your sofa in your house that protects you from danger that sits in a country that protects you from diseases and violence. I'm glad you have time to sit there and think "Gee, those poor people. You know, our country is so damn rich they could spare a bit of money for those in need. God knows they need it more than us. And ya know what we need? We need a legal system that will throw money to the poor and sick and hungry!" And then... you're done. I suppose it's solely our country's and government's job to take care of the rest of the world and still have time and money enough to continue making your life as easy and enjoyable as possible? If you cared enough at all, then perhaps you would get off your butt and give a little yourself. People who simply sit and expect every hope and desire, giving or selfish, to simply unfold and become reality before their very eyes need a serious reality check. Yes, it's nice that you want these things for the world. Next step? Go and help others give the world these things. The world can't fix itself and just because our country is fortunate doesn't mean it can fix it all too. And don't get me wrong, I don't agree with everything in our country. I'm not even close to agreeing with everything in our country. But I understand that we can't just sit and wait for it to just put a big band-aid over all the lost lives and years of war and pain and loss and suffering. We need to help out too. So next time you get angry about "no one doing anything to fix AIDS" or the genocide in Darfur, Sudan and become spiteful towards our country for doing "nothing", take a long hard look in the mirror. Maybe someday you'll realize that you're not helping either. And to the people that are helping; who genuinely care and now or will in the future help out, well then the previous writing has nothing that applies to you and hopefully you'll keep doing what you're doing, because I guess not many others will. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm sorry if that offended anyone. But I had to get it off of my chest. And of course it was not about anyone I know personally or anyone at all for that matter. It was simply an idea and if someone interpreted that the wrong way... I'm sorry. I 'spose I didn't write it right. 'Night y'all.


  • Okay, this might be a little long, but I hope it's clear and whatnot since I'm in the process of unraveling 21 inches of knitting and it's driving me cuckoo.

    The Guantamano Bay abuse, as you probably know, was reported by Amnesty International after news of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse. Amnesty International is an international nonpartisan organization, meaning that it does not affiliate itself with one country or political party, so what it reports should be unbiased. A summary of the GTMO report can be found in AI's report on the United States, here.
    Here is the full GTMO report.

    Summarizing the abuse at GTMO as "making the prisoners listen to rap music" would be a huge understatement, maybe even a mocking one. The detainees at GTMO have not been subjected to fair jurisdicial treatment: their cases have not been looked over fairly by the US government as the Supreme Court ruled we would in June. That raises concern: how many detainees are being held unfairly based on the grounds that they are labeled "enemy combatants?" They are given this label, by the way, by a panel of 3 military officers and are not allowed to use lawyers or other sort of legal assitance, meaning that any secret and false evidence can be used, unchecked.

    Allowing the detainees to practice their religion is only the most basic of human rights, and many times their religion has been appallingly desecrated. There have been reports of military officials defacing pages of the detainee's holy books, using them as toiletries. I'm sure you would agree that this is unacceptable if the book in question was the Bible.

    I don't think that is the religion that "compells them to hate us." Chalking this up to religion would be oversimplifying it: there are many different factors, I think their religion is focused on mainly because it differs from our own and we can "take sides" against it.

    Abu Ghraib, of course, I won't even get to that. Obviously there are cases of physical, mental, and sexual abuse in our international detainment camps, and that is simply a blaring disgrace to the honor of the United States. How can the government possibly try and portray our foreign policy as fair and democratic when we are allowing torture and human rights violations to go unchecked? *That* is hypocrisy. The United States is perhaps the most influential country in the world, with a long history of justice and liberty. Tarnishing this reputation is simply unacceptable.

    Okay, now foreign aid. *Deep breath.*

    You're right, we, the people of the U.S, are incredibly fortunate. We don't live in need, we have untainted food and clean water, we can vote, we can practice religion freely, we have access to a fair judicial system, public education, and medical treatment. Unfortunately, there are so many in this world that do not have even one of these fulfilments. Living in this country, we have the ability to interact and change the way our country works and the way our country interacts with others, so we can help improve the lives of others in foreign nations. America has so many oppurtunities to change the world. We are wealthy, free, and most of all, there are people in this country that do care about the rest of the world, and I don't think that's hypocritical or lazy or selfish. I think that's wonderful...when we can look beyond ourselves and try to help the others who aren't so fortunate, because, to me, that's what Americans do. That's what we are obligated to do.

    Civilians, one by one, cannot change the world. That's why we have the government.

    The government is a representative of the people, a system put in place by the founding fathers to ensure that the needs of the people were always met nationwide. That is the one and only reason why we have a government: to serve the people. To help who needs to be helped. To change what needs to be changed.

    I think the people of this country are tired of hearing about suffering, and we want to change it. We're not just sitting around thinking about: we're taking action...Live 8? The One Campaign? We're bringing our ideas to the people that have the power to inplement them. We're telling the government what we want, and we want to take some of our wealth and help these countries get on their feet.

    The problem is, the government is not responding. Yes, there are needs in this country that need to be addressed before anything else, and I agree with that. But there are also things being done by the government that are completely unnessecary, or filibustering, or just useless: why is gap between middle class and upper class closing? Why aren't we working on a better energy policy? Why aren't we strengthening our ties with the rest of the world? Why are we in Iraq, and when will we withdraw our troops? The government should not have a different agenda than the people of the country it respresents. When the government stops representing the people, it has failed us.

    You say it's not just our country's reponsibility to change the world. No, it's not..we'll need help. But why shouldn't we start? Why shouldn't the United States be known as the leading country in making the world around them a better place? I can insert a million Bono quotes in here, but I'll try to paraphrase them all into one: This is the time to act. If we don't, what will our grandchildren say about our generation? Why did we let people suffer when we had the means to help them?

    Phew. Exhale.

    One more thing: I think a lot of the problem with the government is that we're too stuck on our sides: Democrat vs. Republican, liberal vs. conservative. To be effective we need to work together and overstep these silly boundaries. We should stop spitting at each other and focus on what's really important: the United States.

    By Blogger salamander, at 8/16/2005  

  • Amanda, i'm gonna leave your comment up because one) you obviously spent about a day writing it :-p and two) it wouldn't be fair to take it down because i meant to disable comments on this post but i guess i forgot to and you wrote this before i could disable them and shit so whatever :) but I'm really sorry if i accidentally delete it or if by disabling comments i cannot keep any comments at all.... i'll try to keep it up.

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