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I woke up this morning to my cell ringing like whoa loud in my ear. It was Ethan and he kept talking and talking and after the important part I kinda slid into a bit of a coma and just said "yea... uh huh" every once in a while. Nothing personal. But I was tired. I need sleep.
Which I didn't get a lot of on account of I was up til one in the morning :-\ I should probably go to bed earlier than that, but screw it, it's summer.

I notice I've said absolutely nothing remotely interesting in this post yet.

I'm soooo mad because my doctor pushed my appointment to Friday. Meaning that is one less game, which is today, that I can play in. :'-( Doctors are so dumb. hehehe.

Interesting? I think not.

Emily also called me this morning where she preceeded to have many blonde moments. I only remember one, sadly, because I was woken up so early !!!!!!! but I do infact have one of Emily Blanchard's only blonde moments recorded in my profile... and now on my blog.

Emily: "They said I didn't have any common sense!"
Me: "Neither do I! Like, I'll touch to stove to see if it's still hot!
Emily: "No, not that kind. I think it's the kind thats like... how many cups are in an ounce."

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Interesting? Hells yes.


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