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Wow. I'm sorry, but I had to post this. My fault if you get any nightmares :-p

Uhm yea, they should DEFINITELY hire us for IPod commercials.

WEEEEEEEEE PHOTO SHOOT! hahaha. That would be me... being a nerd... Gotta love the lipstick.

Sarah's possessed hair. Naw just kidding... duh. She was doing super headbangs.


Ooooh what a sailor.

Never give us red lipstick and a drawer full of makeup again.
Well yeah... I totally went on a picture posting craze. Sorry :-D


  • OMGZ!!!! we had fun. i still think that you should have mentioned our underwear and bra super hero photos even though we didn't post them. those rock. you close friends of ours can see those and appreciate the humor! HAHA!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 7/28/2005  

  • well people would OBVIOUSLY think we were weird if i told them we did a superhero photo shoot. I mean, COME ON. :-p

    seriously guyz. it was uber cool.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 7/28/2005  

  • god we rock! ERG! elise lets swim!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 7/28/2005  

  • wow your togheter and your posting comments back and forth to each other...mm nerdS? lol. cool pictures.... elise your loook hot in the one with the sunglasses & lipstick. lol <3

    By Blogger kristtttttttten, at 7/29/2005  

  • B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L <3

    ♥ nikki

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 7/29/2005  

  • Lovin the makeup..it's like stage makeup..
    *Brings back bad memories of dance recitals*

    By Anonymous Alexa, at 7/30/2005  

  • hey guys we already think you're crazy

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 7/30/2005  

  • YES it's stage makeup and YES i know you think we're crazy.... cha. duh.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/06/2005  

  • would one of those memories happen to be when your tube top fell down, lexa? LMFAO. love that story.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/13/2005  

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