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Sarah's HAUS!

WOW. I GOT THE IMAGE THING TO WORK. AGAIN. GO ME. Here are some LOVERLY pictures of all us gorgeous girls at Nationals for, that's right, NERDFEST '05.

Ready to perform! Doncha love the costumes? I'm serious, the corset doesn't let you breathe. Hanyways, yeah, we be'd chillin in College Park.
Jean, me, Sarah M., Sarah K., and Allyson just hAnGiNg around. Most of them are borrowing some article of my clothing.
The gorgeous Sarah's, posing for the camera :-p WORK IT BABY! hehehe
Sarah K., Sarah M., and myself posing with our IPods... and MP3 player.

Me being ready while the rest of the chiks are rushing through the 5 different hotel rooms to meet with the stage moms. :-p

Sarah and our personal hair artist, Mrs. Kozlowski!
Jean, Sarah M., Me, Sarah K., and Allyson, ready for action :-p This would be my FAVORITE picutre. I love my shackles :)
Attack of the Stage Moms!!!! Hair and makeup at the same time? Yes. It hurts. Poor Sarah, luckily, she's alive to tell the tale.

mmmmmm me geting makeup from the wonderful mrs. berger!!! She has all the makeup ever ever ever in the world!

So those are some AWESOME pictures that Sarah M. and I found on her computer and since I know you all LOVE me and her and all of us... we knew you'd like to see them. We're gonna go... dance around the house screaming to her ITunes. CIAO!

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  • y'all look so sexy in those bonnets...:)

    By Blogger Pablo, at 7/26/2005  

  • omgosh those bonnets are sexxayy. you girls did SUCH a good job <33 =)

    ♥ nikki

    P.S. you'll never know how to make those hearts...muahahaha

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 7/26/2005  

  • ♥ OH WHAT NOW?!

    By Blogger Flolio, at 7/26/2005  

  • AHH!!! luv the pix doll! lovely!

    By Blogger ditzydancer31, at 7/26/2005  

  • omg jean is wearing a skirt

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 7/26/2005  

  • MY skirt.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 7/26/2005  

  • Hey

    looks like u grls hade a really fun time!

    IN D.C.

    very lucky!

    By Blogger its Alex, at 7/26/2005  

  • hiya guys i'm at camp. ya it totally rocks. i was totally playing ultimate frisbee last night and umm yteah i kicked ass. love for all.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 7/27/2005  

  • EMILY!!! hi! when are you coming home? I miss you!

    Sarah : )

    By Anonymous Sarah (the cool one a.k.a. M), at 7/27/2005  

  • Fa-hab-ulous pics!

    And no Elise, I don't see the one where you quote unquote "look like a dork"

    Love the iPods! :-P


    By Blogger salamander, at 7/27/2005  

  • i see it.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 7/27/2005  



    By Anonymous nikkkkkki, at 7/29/2005  

  • its called copy and paste babe.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 8/18/2005  

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