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Oscar's got ADD

Well, I can now deem oscar as the family retard. ***yes! it's not me for once!*** He has ADD, I'm not kidding. I just let him inside, then outside not even 2 minutes later, then inside 30 seconds later, then outside 1 minute later, and he just spent the last 3 minutes pawing and meowing at the door, until he got bored and chased a bug around our deck. Wait... he's just finished with that, and now he's walking on our table outside.... and back to clawing at the door. How do I live with such a.... special.... cat? I don't know. Probably because he relieved me of my position as family 'tard.

Last night I slept over my dear Emo's house... I got there at like, 9:45, but who gives a crap? We still stayed up like... too late. And my daily hibernation was cut short about 4 hours early. Psssht. Who wakes up at 7:00 during the summer (minus emily and the other KC chiks)?

Ok the snake is looking at me really weird... like, she's got herself in mid-air and she's just looking at me. It's creepy. Maybe she's hungry?

DAMMIT there's Oscar at the door again. As my mom said "Great, retard is back." Oh what a great mom. Give it up for her.

Gotta go take care of the ADD cat and some other stuff.... leave a luverly comment my darlings :-D



    By Blogger Emolee, at 7/07/2005  

  • That was the funniest thing I've read all day. *burps*

    By Blogger salamander, at 7/07/2005  

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