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my masterpiece

First off, I'm going to be gone allll week in 1,000 islands for a family vacation... inlcuding our WHOLE family.... so I'll be back on Friday. I'LL MISS YOU ALL! Call my cell phone, I'll have it pretty much the whole time... but try to call after 9 if it's not the weekend... because then I won't have to waste my minutes :-p

And now.... the moment you've all been waiting for.... BUMMMM BUMMM BUUUUUUM!

I give you.........

Amanda. Yea, I gave her 60's hair and girly girl eyelashes. hehehe. SCHWEET.


  • And a masterpiece it is! Honestly, it looks just like me! :-D

    I'm gonna miss ya when you're in "De Islands"!

    By Blogger salamander, at 7/29/2005  

  • yeah and guess who she left her house key too
    what a bad judgement call
    o flolio don't mind if the house has no food when you come back
    and that is a beautiful drawing of amanda

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 7/30/2005  

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