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I am not broke, I repeat, I am not broke. This is not a drill.

Yes my faithful viewers/readers/WHATEVER you are, I made 40$ babysitting my cousins this weekend. $$$$KACHING$$$$ Not to mention the 30 dollars of old birthday money I found in one of my old birthday cards and my 20$ from my other babysitting gig. At the moment, there are about 60$ in my wallet which is sitting in my new KATE SPADE purse which i bought at that Mansfield Drive-In flea market for 15$. Yes, 15$. The guy selling them also had REAL Louis Vuitton purses and wallets for, guess. 15$. My cousin and I were in heaven. But I know that most of the people reading this could care less about a designer purse peddler, so I'll talk about the 4 scarves that I'll use as belts that I got for 1$ each. Yes Amanda, 1$. Oh hohoho.

And... I know my arm is broken but I could not HELP tubing yesterday. I just used one arm. Dang it was fun :-D I'm gonna go now and try to make my dad take me and some select chums tubing today. After all, it IS the fourth of July, the perfect day to get my dad drunk later so he'll forget about it all. hehehehhe. Ciao dahlings ! ! !


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