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Zach, I'm not going to broadcast what happened, and I'm not going to say "I'm sorry" like everyone else, even though I am. I know what happened was terrible, and I cannot begin to imagine you and your family's pain. You were all very brave, and I admire that. If you read this, I want you to know that everyone is always there for you whenever you need it, 24/7. I don't know what to say, but I do know that you're not alone and that you have great friends surrounding you that are always willing to listen to anything you need to talk about, or to simply just... be there. You'll probably never get to read this, but that's ok. Look, I'm not going to lie, and you don't need to hear "Oh, I'm sorry, this is terrible, oh, oh no...". This sucks, and you know that. All I can say is that I am truly and deeply sorry for what you have to go through. You do not deserve this for ANY reasy whatsoever, and neither does any other member of your family. I really am sorry, Zach. I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your life; you deserve the best.


  • i second that

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 6/27/2005  

  • zach i am sooooooooo sorry for your loss

    i kind of know how you feel all of my grandmas passed away

    it's a lot different though and i wish you best of luck in the future

    i will miss you :(

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 6/27/2005  

  • and one more thing your friends will always be there

    i'm sorry i didn't go to the wake or the funeral

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 6/27/2005  

  • i third that..
    i'm sorry but i just don't know anything to say to what happened..all i can say is that..we're all praying for your family

    By Blogger Pablo, at 6/27/2005  

  • and you.

    By Blogger Pablo, at 6/27/2005  

  • and i, emily anne blanchard, fourth it. Zach, we all love you!!! and we're gonna miss you next year!!! but we love you!!! and we're so having a huge party next year again so we can pig out. cause that's what we all do best.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 6/27/2005  

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