Speaking of Life...


Let's begin with Saturday...
Saturday was pretty good... I got my MUCH needed sleep and then realized that I had a soccer game that day. I ate my breakfast then changed superfast into my uniform :::number 99 how hott is that?::: and me and daddy broke the speed limit all the way to Laidlaw, only to find that we had 9 people from our team show. 9. Meaning, we played down two players with no substitues. Not to mention there was this girl who was bent on collapsing my rib cage with her elbow. We were running down the field and she stuck her elbow under my arm and jabbed my ribs, so I LEGALLY shoved her with my shoulder and laughed maliciously as she fell to the ground. Biotch. Then I got home and was super hyper and ate dinner. Mrs. Fowler made us dinner and OH MY GOD I LOVED THE POTATOES SHE MADE. Damn I love all potatoes. Then I watched a special on Discovery Channel about some alien planet and was on the phone with Foote until 10:00 telling her how than every night during the REM :::rapid eye movement::: of your sleep, you become paralyzed... temporarily obviously. And how some people wake up during this phase so they are completely paralyzed, awake, and still dreaming. So they think they get abducted by aliens. It's wiggedywhack.

ON TO.... SUNDAY! :::today:::
So far today has sucked some SERIOUS monkey butt. I woke up at about 9:00 :::thats madcrazyearly for me::: to watch a 1 hour show about Nessie in the hopes that it would help me with my term paper. And of course, with my amazing luck, I didn't hear one effing thing I didn't already know. So there goes an hour of my life that could have been spent, MUCH more productively, sleeping. Then I decide I better chomp down on the term paper while my mind is on it. I spend the next 2 hours writing my term paper which I fondly call "the piece of shit". FINALLY, term paper is done. I move right on into the holocaust project where I spend a full hour drawing fricking shingles on the roof of the gate to Auschwitz. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SHINGLES ARE ON THAT ROOF? ME EITHER. But I do know that there were so many my hand cramped up and it looked like I was still holding a pencil after I put the pencil down. Oy vey. So I'm finally done with the holocaust project AND term paper :::snoopy dance::: and take a 20 minute break for some much deserved aim time. But alas, today is my day of torture isn't it. My grandparents come knocking on the door and I have not showered, changed, washed my face, anything. And it's 3:00. I am so in for some serious scolding if I don't hike my ass up to my room and change mucho fast. So... I hiked my ass up to my room and changed mucho fast. I accidentally sat on a wet towel, making my butt really wet... oh so fun... and came downstairs holding a paper over my butt so my grandparents wouldn't see. And since then I've been on this computer, typing my little heart out, because I know how much you like to hear about how crappy my life can get ;-) So I figure, give the people what they want :-D
That's about it.... and to top off my LOVELY day, I have CCD tonight. Isn't that fun.... I think it's the last class though so Amanda, I expect to see you there!!!



  • You need to imitate everything. trust me.

    By Blogger Kempernorton, at 5/15/2005  

  • who's kemper norton??

    By Blogger Pablo, at 5/15/2005  

  • oh no another CVS stalker

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 5/15/2005  

  • Funny business about the REM paralysis. Funny blog.

    By Blogger TX Alexis, at 5/15/2005  

  • Adding hallucinogenic paralysis to my 'Hyperchondriac's Handbook'...

    I saw a show about alien abduction once and whenever a car went by my window I freaked out and turned all the lights on. Yeah, you have my permission to point and laugh. Maybe that's why I was so tired all throughout the Russia project last year (or maybe that was just because I sat next to Q) ;-)

    tx alexis, I don't know if you'll ever read this but the "Make Poverty History" banner on your blog is awesome. How would someone go about getting one?

    Whoaa long comment. Jeezy creezy, I need to pack for the Cape!!

    By Blogger salamander, at 5/16/2005  

  • i love kirby she was such a great dog :)

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 5/21/2005  

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