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Is that how you even spell mustaches? I don't know... let's consult spell check. Yep. It's mustaches. Oh snap who's good?
Right well the reason that my post is called mustaches is because of this picture. Those are some insane mustaches if I do say so myself.
Oh dang. This may be the single most amazing mustache I have ever seen in my life.
I'm soooo mature... :-D
I'm going to North Carolina Friday night!!! Yes. Friday night. Friday night. Friday night. Do you know what TIME on Friday night? Yah, 10:00. I have NO idea why, but it may have something to do with the fact that my family is rather insane... Oh well I get to sleep in the car!!!
I am wicked super major stressed out. I have two projects due on Friday... and I'm missing school all day tomorrow to work on the art grant... Great... more work to make up :-( School totally sucks eggs. If you're in like, kindergarten or something, hurry. It's not too late for you. Run to Zaire, I hear there's no school there.
Ciao Chicas... it's project time.


  • I am a sniper after all, and with that skill it takes good tracking skills, but one of you visted my site and when I commented on that one you all asked me who I was. Alas, I told you.

    By Blogger Sniper Of Yamhill, at 4/15/2005  

  • hey elise, this is nikki riley lol just my old blog buuuttttt, MRS. BELDEN HAS A NASTY MUSTACHE just thought you should know that.

    bye bye.


    By Blogger behindblueeyes69151, at 4/18/2005  

  • yes I highly agree and hoffbrow has one nasty one too. i mean that's why she is called hoffbrow.

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 4/29/2005  

  • i've never called her hoffbrow...i've called her
    forest on her forehead lady
    ugly shoes lady
    mrs. belden
    and many others but not .....hoffbrow

    By Blogger Pablo, at 4/30/2005  

  • no hoffbrow is hoffman

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 5/01/2005  

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