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Messy Gym Closet

Aight I'm pretty pissed off because I tried to make one of these gloriously cool posts last night but it didn't work. So now, I am posting, once again.

For today's episode, we will venture further into the topic of the disgusting, filthy, messy, atrocious, just plain nasty gym closet *The middle school gym*. You know, where they store the stuff we hardly ever use, the stuff we always use, and the incredibly random broken equipment. It all started with basketball. I don't like basketball. 1) I'm bad at it 2) it would have chipped my perfectly red nails and 3) well, I don't have another reason, but it sounds better if you say 1,2,3 because if you say 1,2 or 1 or something it sounds stupid. Like, if you only have two reasons, why do I need to know??? Right. Back on track. So Ashley, Sam, Anthony (M.) and me all hate basketball for, most likely, mutual reasons. And if their reasons weren't mutual, then they should have been. We hid behind the door to the closet while the other little gym-ites who like basketball for some insane reason scrambled to get a flat mass of orange rubber. Then we peeked our heads around the door to make sure all the basketballs were gone so that "Oh shucks!" we wouldn't have one to play stinky basketball with! *my totally genius plan* But, little did we know, that when we peeked our heads around the door, we would be almost PARALYZED WITH SHOCK! Yes, my friends, shock. Either a tornado whipped through that place or some sumo wrestler farted and blew everything all over the closet. Random crap was everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I don't really mean everywhere. But in most places. And then I broke the silence and said "MR. YOUNG. THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING." And he agreed. Then we all had the wonderful idea of us cleaning the closet all period instead of playing stinky, stupid basketball. But of course we didn't say that to him. Actually... yes. We did. Then we spent the rest of 7th period sorting random balls, stacking mats and scooters, throwing things, and folding that humungo parachute. Did you know that our school has a pommel horse? And parallell bars? And all this other crazy cool gymnastics stuff? >>>Dang<<<. Anyway, that's my gym class story.

Well Alexa and Jahnna's play is tonight and I'm gonna try to go!!! And if I can't, GOOD LUCK! And if I can, GOOD LUCK!




  • YAH! GOOD LUCK! I helped to Elise! Then I had to rid my hands of the filth that was on them.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 4/08/2005  

  • Yah it was narsty in thereeeee.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 4/08/2005  

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    By Blogger Sniper Of Yamhill, at 4/11/2005  

  • You've seen my blog before... lol

    By Blogger Flolio, at 4/12/2005  

  • flolio who is that stalker (he's looking for shampoo) dude what's your name and bug off bugger bug bug (I couldn't think of anything else)

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 4/29/2005  

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