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Ok there is some seriously insane insane-ness shakin down here. Dr. Sco is giving us two projects, in the same class, one we've had for a while and one we got yesterday. REGARDLESSSSSSSS, they are both due one week from tomorrow, and I think I am going to die. Seriously. I have been working my butt off all night since I got home and it is not fun. I am in such a bad mood right now :-( which is not like me. I'm supposed to be bubbly and happy. Yes, that green is QUITE a happy color, don't you think? I have this new fetish with enlarging and coloring certain words if you haven't noticed.
I finally got my highschool <<<(that is black because black is the colour of evil. and highschool is evil) shedule a couple of days ago :-D I am very nervous about that whole "high school" deal because I am in all honors, and I plan on playing soccer... can you say "NO SOCIAL LIFE WHATSOEVER"??? Dang. Well, Dr.Sco saw it and said "Oooh Elise *ee-leeze* you won't be able to talk on the >>>phone<<< with THAT schedule!!!"
I almost died. Anyway, on to the schedule that you must be almost peeing your pants to hear!!!

***English 9 Honors
***Earth Systems Honors
***Energy and Matter Honors
***Geometry Honors
***Teen Health Issues
***Computer Applications
***901 Physical Education
***902 Physical Education
***Concert Band
***French 2

Ok I'm out like a snail at the Indi 500 * i think i spelled indi wrong* **don't shoot me**


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