Speaking of Life...



Mucho good news my chicas! History Day States were today. Before I say ANYTHING, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to my chicas *Amanda, Jahnna, Kara* for their amazing play. That's total B.S. that you didn't make the final four or whatever the hell they call it. And also, wicked mondo <
Now onto our results... I'll give you a schedule of my dayyyy! YAYYYYYY!

7:00 a.m.-Met at Dunkin Donuts, I got my ultra important latte. Life is good.
7:50 a.m.-Arrive and register at that place where you register
10:50 a.m.-We basically practiced up until now, which was the time we performed. I almost barfed. But luckily, I held it down.
11:10 a.m.-Watched the boys documentary and it was super cool
around 11:30 a.m.-Ate Lunch... consisting of fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, and soda. HOW NUTRICIOUS.
12:40 p.m.-Found out that we made the top four, and had to perform again. In twenty minutes. I went into tyrant mode and bit people's heads off :-( Sorry girls. I love you, you know :-D
1:10 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.-Watched the other 3 group performances and proceeded to feel sick to my stomach.
2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.-Sat in a room, drank a juice, and nearly tossed my cookies at the sight of food *I cannot eat a THING when I am nervous or stressed like that. Jean on the other hand can ingest a hippo.*
3:00 p.m.-Dr.Sco arrives and catches me in the middle of my ipod dance and singing hairspray. No comment.
4:00 p.m.-Went to the award ceremony, and for about the eighth time, almost upchucked.
4:30 p.m.-Got some special award thing called "Outstanding Performance in Early American History (through 1812)".
4:35 p.m.-Become quite sad when Scomeister informs us that people who get the special awards usually don't place.
4:50 p.m.-Hear the announcer say "Captain Nathan-" Then I scream. REALLY loud, and REALLY high pitched. It hurt the ears of the woman sitting in front of me. I said SOEREYSORTESRSSORRRRRYSORYSORRY! And ran up to the stage, stepping in a nice juicy pile of mud, covering my foot and white sandal in a layer a shit. But I did not care.

I forgot most everything after this, except the long treck back, WALKING, to Starr Hall. In case you didn't know, that is a LONG WALK. And it was POURING. My hair was bad. I have to go awaaaaaaaaay now :-D Gorging on ice cream. LOVE YOU MY CHICAS!!!!!




Is that how you even spell mustaches? I don't know... let's consult spell check. Yep. It's mustaches. Oh snap who's good?
Right well the reason that my post is called mustaches is because of this picture. Those are some insane mustaches if I do say so myself.
Oh dang. This may be the single most amazing mustache I have ever seen in my life.
I'm soooo mature... :-D
I'm going to North Carolina Friday night!!! Yes. Friday night. Friday night. Friday night. Do you know what TIME on Friday night? Yah, 10:00. I have NO idea why, but it may have something to do with the fact that my family is rather insane... Oh well I get to sleep in the car!!!
I am wicked super major stressed out. I have two projects due on Friday... and I'm missing school all day tomorrow to work on the art grant... Great... more work to make up :-( School totally sucks eggs. If you're in like, kindergarten or something, hurry. It's not too late for you. Run to Zaire, I hear there's no school there.
Ciao Chicas... it's project time.


CVS Stalker

Oh my goodness. I just had a stalker at CVS. No, I'm not kidding. Ok so I was getting a notebook for French *my God how I despise that language* and some pencils and school crap. Basically, I was in the school supplies aisle, and I was the only one in it. So of course I noticed when someone walked by the end of it... really really slowly. I looked at the guy and he was like, old and creepy and... just... greasy. Yah, he had that classic stalker grease hair. And he was like, staring at me while he was walking, so I decided to go back to deciding if I should buy the glittery pencils or the neon ones, or maybe even those shiny ones... *I went with neon* and I noticed someone walk by the other way. So DUH I look. And it's Mr. Grease. Again. Looking at me. Again. Stupid greasy hair... it was gross. So then I was getting a little weirded out because wouldn't you flip out a LITTLE bit if a greasy old guy was like, walking by you a lot? By this time I just grab some pencils and jet my arse outta there, and by now he's at the other end of the aisle... I guess he walked around it or something. Then I stopped to oogle at the makeup because that's just what I do. After I stopped oogling, I went to find my mom and brother and like, dropped to the floor because THERE WAS THE GREASY GUY!!!! He was like, looking around over the tops of the aisles and stuff. I was like... maybe he's looking for the shampoo... So after that I just kept walking really low below the tops of the aisles and found my mommy. The end.

What good came of this? I have now decided that I will supply all stalkers with some industrial-strength shampoo.

I have waaaaay too much homework to be doing instead of writing to y'all about the greasy old guy, but I had to tell you.

and greasy old men.
***sorry emily i had to take that this once... it was too perfect :-D***



Messy Gym Closet

Aight I'm pretty pissed off because I tried to make one of these gloriously cool posts last night but it didn't work. So now, I am posting, once again.

For today's episode, we will venture further into the topic of the disgusting, filthy, messy, atrocious, just plain nasty gym closet *The middle school gym*. You know, where they store the stuff we hardly ever use, the stuff we always use, and the incredibly random broken equipment. It all started with basketball. I don't like basketball. 1) I'm bad at it 2) it would have chipped my perfectly red nails and 3) well, I don't have another reason, but it sounds better if you say 1,2,3 because if you say 1,2 or 1 or something it sounds stupid. Like, if you only have two reasons, why do I need to know??? Right. Back on track. So Ashley, Sam, Anthony (M.) and me all hate basketball for, most likely, mutual reasons. And if their reasons weren't mutual, then they should have been. We hid behind the door to the closet while the other little gym-ites who like basketball for some insane reason scrambled to get a flat mass of orange rubber. Then we peeked our heads around the door to make sure all the basketballs were gone so that "Oh shucks!" we wouldn't have one to play stinky basketball with! *my totally genius plan* But, little did we know, that when we peeked our heads around the door, we would be almost PARALYZED WITH SHOCK! Yes, my friends, shock. Either a tornado whipped through that place or some sumo wrestler farted and blew everything all over the closet. Random crap was everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I don't really mean everywhere. But in most places. And then I broke the silence and said "MR. YOUNG. THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING." And he agreed. Then we all had the wonderful idea of us cleaning the closet all period instead of playing stinky, stupid basketball. But of course we didn't say that to him. Actually... yes. We did. Then we spent the rest of 7th period sorting random balls, stacking mats and scooters, throwing things, and folding that humungo parachute. Did you know that our school has a pommel horse? And parallell bars? And all this other crazy cool gymnastics stuff? >>>Dang<<<. Anyway, that's my gym class story.

Well Alexa and Jahnna's play is tonight and I'm gonna try to go!!! And if I can't, GOOD LUCK! And if I can, GOOD LUCK!





Ok there is some seriously insane insane-ness shakin down here. Dr. Sco is giving us two projects, in the same class, one we've had for a while and one we got yesterday. REGARDLESSSSSSSS, they are both due one week from tomorrow, and I think I am going to die. Seriously. I have been working my butt off all night since I got home and it is not fun. I am in such a bad mood right now :-( which is not like me. I'm supposed to be bubbly and happy. Yes, that green is QUITE a happy color, don't you think? I have this new fetish with enlarging and coloring certain words if you haven't noticed.
I finally got my highschool <<<(that is black because black is the colour of evil. and highschool is evil) shedule a couple of days ago :-D I am very nervous about that whole "high school" deal because I am in all honors, and I plan on playing soccer... can you say "NO SOCIAL LIFE WHATSOEVER"??? Dang. Well, Dr.Sco saw it and said "Oooh Elise *ee-leeze* you won't be able to talk on the >>>phone<<< with THAT schedule!!!"
I almost died. Anyway, on to the schedule that you must be almost peeing your pants to hear!!!

***English 9 Honors
***Earth Systems Honors
***Energy and Matter Honors
***Geometry Honors
***Teen Health Issues
***Computer Applications
***901 Physical Education
***902 Physical Education
***Concert Band
***French 2

Ok I'm out like a snail at the Indi 500 * i think i spelled indi wrong* **don't shoot me**



Eeeeew I'm sick. You know, the whole shabang. Stuffy nose, dizzy, stomachache, sore throat, headache... it sucks. And to top it all off, I have to be all overachieve-ish and get ahead on my work. I can't help it, I'm just a nerd like that. Anyway, I'm in the middle of my essay on the Harlem Rennaisance... it's not THAT bad... kind of interesting. I missed those retarded mastery tests today. I have no idea why we have to take them again in the spring I mean come on. That's just plain stupid.
Right I know a loooooooong time ago I tried to make a book review thing and then I kinda stopped... well first I got too busy to write about it. Then I got too busy to read. But seeing as I'm sitting on my butt being a germ factory, I now have time.

Book: Catalyst
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Ok I like LOVE this author. She is soooo cool and I think she only wrote two books so far. And I have them both :-D So this is kind of a sequel to Speak (also super wicked good) but you don't have to read that one for this to make sense, but there are some little things that tie the two stories together. It's just cool to be able to see those so... yah. Right.
I'm not finished with this book yet, but almost. It's soooooo good. Alrightskie I'll type the summary on the back of it.
"Meet Kate Malone-straight A science and math geek, minister's daughter, ace long-distance runner, new girlfriend (to Mitchell "Early Descision Harvard" Pangborn 3), unwilling family caretaker, and emotional avoidance champion. kate manages her life by organizing it, as logically as the periodic table. She can handle it all-or so she thinks. then, things happen like a string of chemical reactions: first, the Malones' neighbors get burned out of their own home and move in. Kate has to share her room with her nemesis, Teri Litch, and Teri's little brother. The days are ticking by and she's still waiting to hear from the only college where she's applied: MIT. Kate feels that her life is spinning out of control-and then, something occurs that truly blows it all apart. Set in the same community as the remarkable Speak, Catalyst is a novel that will change the way you look at the world."

Trust me it's totally awesome. You guys have to read it. Anyway, I'm out. Gotta blow my nose :'( cry for me :'(



Church... oy vey

I don't know if that's how you spell oy vey, but if it is, then OY VEY. Church was all long and stuff. like, 80 minutes. Gross.

My brother just called from New Hampshire where he did a show with his pipe band. He was sounding all weird and stuff and my mom goes "He better not be hung over." I was like "ERIC?!?!? WE'RE TALKING ABOUT ERIC, MY BROTHER, AND HANGOVER? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT???" Well I guess anything can happen.

I'm so tired and I have like, 2 entire essays to write... I don't even know the topic of one of them... :-( Ciao dahlings