Speaking of Life...


Kristen's Survey... :-D

Sorry Kristen I stole your survey... but I'm bored with no life too and it looked fun :-D

I have been to Canada.
I have seen Gothika.
I am wearing Nail Polish.
I was born in March.
I hate school.
I am gemini.
I like black.
I share a room with someone.
I have a cell phone.
I play an instrument.
I play basketball.
I love to dance.
I like to sing.
My hairbrush is purple.
I love Ashton Kutcher.
I love chocolate.
I like popcorn.
I am a good singer. <<>
I have braces.
I love to go to the movies.
I have a pool.
I have a hot tub.
I believe in love at first sight.
I like Britney Spears.
I like to shop.
I love lipgloss.
I love Dory from Finding Nemo.
I love my life.
I have a boyfriend.
I have a crush.
I believe in Angels.
I am in love. <<
I love summer.
I graduate in the year 2009.
I love cookies N cream ice cream.
I love cupcakes.
I go to a camp every summer.
I named my cell phone. <<
I love make-up.
I love eyeliner.
My hair is its natural color. <<<>
I love going to the pool.
I love going to the beach.
I am a book worm.
I like school.
I am going to go to college.i>
I am addicted to aim.
I watch Amazing Race.
My room is yellow.
I have a sister(s).
I have a brother(s).
I wanna go to Antartica.
I love penguins.
My favorite color is pink.
I like skirts better then shorts.
I am in middle school.
I am in high school.
I have my own car.
I have my learners permit.
I love talking on the phone.
I like the name Melvin.
I don’t like Ashlee Simpson.
I like ashlee simpson.
I like roses.
I get bored easily.
I love watching TV.
I like nail polish.
I like playing sims.
I like to work out.
---cute---<<in my own special stupid way :-D
---sports fanatic---
---boy crazy---
---teachers pet---
---trouble maker---
---the best---
current mood: sugar high!
current music: Queen
current hair: half up half down and curled
current smell: Peony
current worry: School projects and History Day
current annoyance: School
current hate: unsharpened pencils
current love: the easter bunny... what a hottie
current crush: errgh i dunno
current obsession: IPod
current plans for tonite: sleeping?
current thing you should be doing: Prolly anything but this
current regret: I don't really have one
current book: Catalyst
favorite book: The Lovely Bones
current TV show your watching: Nanny 911... ha the dumbest show ever
current favorite band: U2/Queen
current favorite movie: The Notebook
current person your talking to/IM: nobody... i'm not on
current avoidance: health food :-D

last movie watched: Captain Ron
last cd listened to: Hairspray Broadway soundtrack
last thing eaten: orange juice
last thing you drank: orange juice
last item you bought: The Wreckers t-shirt
last store you went to: I dunno...
last person talked to: Ashley
last thing you said: Eric you buttface GIVE ME THAT!
last ice cream eaten: chocolate peanut butter
last soda drank: diet coke with lime
last person you called: Ashley
last person that called you: Ashley
last time showered: This morning
last shoes worn: Adidas tennis shoes
last cry: hmmmm... haven't had any lately

betcha wanna shoot me after reading that :-D ciao dahlings i'm out


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