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Hey y'all!!!
I went to the Uconn vs. Syracuse men's basketball game today with Britt and her dad and sister and it ROCKED my socks. This guy behind us kept saying the "f" word until I said really loud "THIS IS A NO POTTYMOUTH ZONE..." And when he stopped screaming I turned around and he was like... staring at me. The refs kinda stunk, but don't they always???
Also when a couple Syracuse fans walked in to Gample, EVERYONE boo-ed them. And I have, as Mrs. Fowler would say, "Some Syracuse blood in me" and I wished I had worn my brother's Syracuse hat just so I could get boo-ed too. It woulda been fun. But... I didn't wear the hat hence I wasn't boo-ed hence I am writing this about wishing I was boo-ed. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "And that's all I have to say about that."
If you can believe it, my hair still smells good. But my hair always smells good ;-)
But we all knew that. She said that it was "Shaun's fault". But if it's his fault it sounds like you don't want to be going out with him :-( poor ryan :-( hehehe. Just kidding. A little.
My dog breathes SO loud. Like right now. I think she has a snuffed up nose or something. I dunno. I'm not a dogologist so I'm clueless.
I cannot WAIT for
  1. History Day-the salem witch trial play will kick buttocks!!! And it will be fun. We just have to work on the whole not laughing thing. And the crying thing. That too.
  2. The week of the 21st- no school on the 21, Quincy Market on the 22, Band field trip for us cool band geeks on the 23, school on the 24 *cringe* and no school on the 25.

I'm out, but I will leave you with my new song.

Abow chicka bow bow

A wiggydiggydiggydow

A rickyshaw wickywaw

Amickywow shiggynow

Aliggy jiggy quiggy doo

Ayicky icky bicky boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll sing it for y'all monday. I know. You're counting down the seconds.



  • yea elise....i am most defenetly counting..REMEBER TO BRING IN YOUR PERMISSION SLIP MISSIE!

    By Blogger Pablo, at 3/06/2005  

  • Yeah...even though Alexa forgot. And Elise, I didn't mean that it was Shaun's fault in that way. I can't believe you would think that.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 3/07/2005  

  • Well that's why I was like WHOA. Because I reallllly didn't think that you would do that. That's why I was all... mah! snabberglabber!

    By Blogger Flolio, at 3/08/2005  

  • hey i thought of a new verse ricki ticki tow wow
    i don't know i have to work on it
    anyway hey we can be partners for the quincy market
    oh boy let's go knocking over stuff

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 3/08/2005  

  • ricki ticki tow wow! i like! i like!!! oh god... well if you'll go into victoria's secret :) we have a few errands to run in there :)

    By Blogger Flolio, at 3/08/2005  

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