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yo this is for the anonymous person in my last post's comments.

My question to you then, is how could you not know? I'm not picking a fight. I'm trying to find out how you could possibly not know because you sit at lunch with Karl and Joey. And that's when they are being stupid, making up those jokes, being immature, you know. You are always near them when they do it. And you were right there at the lockers, when Tommy told me that stupid thing Karl said.
I know this could hurt our project, but at the moment I'm just too upset to let this go. I'm not going to say nasty things behind your back or even try to get revenge or whatever because I don't have time for that. I need to find out a way to get those jerks to leave me alone. I'm just a bit preoccupied, so this crap has to wait.


  • hey flolio it's flolio

    actually it's brit on your blog

    anyway remember who your true friends are and stick with them

    we'll always be there by your side no matter how mad or sad we are so tell your mamma and let out all of your anger

    go PMSing it's fun

    By Blogger Flolio, at 2/12/2005  

  • There she was awalkin down the street....

    Don't listen to anyone Flo. Just go with the Flo. ;) ha ha. I made a funny!

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/12/2005  

  • we all love you, well except theses anonymous people

    just believe in yourself and you'll just forget it

    you know what i do when i get mad at the person i just pretend seeing them with a mustache


    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/12/2005  

  • hey the last anonymous was me

    love Flyingpigs

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/12/2005  

  • whoa whoa whoa..who's scoo-doo? ..i am SO lost

    By Blogger Pablo, at 2/13/2005  

  • Hey Brotha froma notha motha! aka elise,
    I am not sure what's going on and everything I heard something about a note that someone wrote and everything but I don't know what went one w/ that...I feel so left out j/k...but anyways w/e is going on I'm by your side just wanted to let you know that...k ... well gotta go bring my brother back to his friends house... he forgot his underwear and toothbrush...what a loser ... catch ya later gator.. bye!
    xoxo~ nikki ~xoxo ♥

    By Anonymous Nikki, at 2/13/2005  

  • hey brit here go to my blog and i'm soo happy that you too got back together again

    it makes me cry (sniffle sniffle)

    By Blogger Patsy Ann, at 2/14/2005  

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