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Ok guys I really do love you all and you know that and I don't want to start a fight or get anyone pissed off... but...

Can we stop using my comments as a battleground please? I just went through them and found so many people fighting and I don't want anything else to happen. You're all entitled to your opinion and you're all right and stuff... but like... I think my blog may be turning into the homebase for WW3 sooo... thats all folks :-D

mucho love-o,


  • Ummmm I don't want to sound snippy either but I really didn't see too many angry comments, besides the two or so that followed the entry about nicki...
    maybe I'm just missing something? :-/

    By Blogger salamander, at 2/03/2005  

  • really? only a couple... i thought there were more... maybe im just getting all of them from like everywhere else confused... whatever lol

    By Blogger Flolio, at 2/03/2005  

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