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surpriiiiiiiiise party

Alrightskie so I thought I was going to Emo's to sleep over. Which I was. But I didn't know there was a party involved. That's right, I was yelling at her for dropping my pillow in the mud "you have issues you know that? ISSUES!!!" and then I walk into the garage and 20 people jump out and start like, screaming and stuff. So I screamed "HOLY CRAP." Because you know, that was just a litttttttle bit unexpected. Hanyways, I got a lot of good stuff including gift cards to Hollister, Blockbuster, and FYE which I will go blow in about 5 minutes. Sooooo, I will write more later. TO THE MALL!

Oh yah I also got $$$money$$$ which I will also go blow at the mall now. ciao dahlings!



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