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Ok. All this crap is going around about Emily, and it really needs to stop. I'm serious. It's getting old. It wasn't good in the first place, and it's only worse now. There are more hurtful comments from God knows who every single day and she also has to read them every single day.
I just want you to do this. Put yourself in her shoes. I'm serious, do it now. Ok now if all of those insults were directed at you, don't you deny that you would be pissed, or hurt, or just plain feel bad. She has felt that about 20+ times now because every time a nasty comment is left, something is said directly over IM, or anything else like that, it gouges a deeper scar. Do you honestly think that a stupid ASSIGNMENT that she wrote is worth what we are doing to each other??? Let me answer that for you. No, it's not.
This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. Look at ourselves. Look at what we are doing to each other. We were friends once, at least some of us, and now any shred of friendship that survived the first part of this fight has been shattered miserably by the second part. I don't know why we are doing this to each other.
This is incredibly cliche, so forgive me, but I'm going to say it anyway. Words hurt. And maybe that's what we were going for. Infact, it was what we were going for. All of us. Not just "one side" and not just the other. And it happens every day. We don't even notice it, but I'm sure every day of our lives that by the time we go to sleep, we have hurt someone else. Maybe not drastically, but through a gesture, a glare, anything. Do we really want to live our lives like that? I hope not.
This could be our chance to change that. This could be a new beginning. I know every single word exchanged between us has been cruel, nasty, and let's face it-bitchy. And thats "what girls do". But it doesn't have to be. We need to stop categorizing ourselves... what is this smart kid, popular kid, druggie kid crap??? We are ALL people. We are condemning ourselves to avoid each other by categorizing ourselves. Why do we do that? It's a surefire remedy for fights. It's like we want to hate each other.
If I could, I would take back every single thing that happened. I would wish that someone could have stopped those boys from bringing that to school, for their own safety and wellbeing, and for the safety and wellbeing of every other student. Just because they chose to do that does not make them bad kids; and just because someone reported it does not make them a "goody goody toeshoes". We all have our different opinions and points of view, as I think we have all discovered by now. They will collide with each other and cause disagreements and fights. But I don't think they should have caused anything as bad as this. We have allowed our emotions to run wild at each other. Pain, anger, guilt, fear, stress, all of them have been put into the form of words and hurled at each other.
We need to stop this now, before it gets any worse. And believe me it can. Please. I'm asking all of you to forgive and forget. Many many many hurtful things have been said, and nothing can take them back. Not sorry, not anything. They are there forever. But what can change this situation is the compassion to forgive each other. It takes a humongous heart for anyone to forgive anything that has been said here, because all of it was so hurtful. But if we can manage to find that heart inside of us, we may be able to save our friendships. It's there. Everyone has the ability to forgive. Sometimes it's very hard to find, and trust me it will be hard to find in this situation. I know that if we try hard enough, we will find it. It won't fix everything. It's not that easy. But it would be a start. A very good start.
Please, if anything in this post matters to you at all, you will try to forgive each other. We'll try to stop this. It can be done, and it has to be. This needs to end here and now.... so what do you say?



  • I just want to say that Elise is totally right. I mean, we've all known each other since, what, like the second grade? It's not like we've never been friends or shared a laugh. We don't have to become complete enemies, but I'm sure none of wants to be friends either. Thanks a bunch lise, love Dee-Dee

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/06/2005  


    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/06/2005  

  • I agree!!!! everyone needs to stop hatin..
    good points elise btw...
    i forgive all of u who said anything...so...i don't think i said anything mean..but if i did ...i'm sry..and i think everyone else should apologize and forget this whole thing ever happened

    By Blogger Pablo, at 2/07/2005  

  • No see... I'm not saying to forget it ever happened. I'm saying we do need to forgive each other. That doesn't mean huggy huggy bff stuff, it just means to put an end to all of this. We don't have to like each other, but we do need to be civil. We can't forget this, because if we do, we'll do it again. And that can't happen.

    By Blogger Flolio, at 2/07/2005  

  • Okay well this is how it. This whole thing is stupid. It all really needs to stop and things should go back to normal or at least back to bein civil. Well said everyone.

    By Blogger kristtttttttten, at 2/07/2005  

  • Well said Elise... I think that is all totally true which many people may think that it's still hard to believe coming from me...:(...but you know what i don't care what people say anymore because it truly wasn't just me who said something whether people have the guts to come forward and speak the honest truth that's up to them. And that whole crock of bull crap about the "Smart Kids" and the "Popular Kids" people from each "group" as some would say were blaming crap on the other group and in the end it wasn't just one group of friends being mean in reality it was both.
    So I'm glad that you wrote that post because maybe it will change ppl's minds about this situation... I've seriously learned alot from trashy comments and saying a terrible thing that I wish to god I could take back I would do anything to take back what I had said and the only wish I've had for the past few days was for ppl to stop hatin everybody to "forgive & forget" but I hope it happens one of these days. So that's rele all I have to say and I hope that ppl take into consideration to what this post means...;)

    I'm sorry for all the things that I said and if ppl don't want to accept that I am then I at least hope that we can all be big kidds and move on... ALL of us...

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 2/07/2005  

  • yes i am always right

    emily needs love y'all

    (brit writing this at elise's house on her blog)

    By Blogger Flolio, at 2/12/2005  

  • okay...honestly you guys have catergorized yourselves as the "smart" kids and catergorized the 3 boys as the "potheads" just because they made one stupid mistake doesnt mean you can catergorize them for life...honestly this all neeeds to end....i dont like how i got dragged into this by people calling me a "slut" and saying i do drugs too just because jake does....i dont like it at all and of course i am going to end up being bitchy about it but i dont want to be anymore i just want there to be peace...and i want you all to stop talking about me...i dont want to be catergorized as "popular" or a "pothead" because i am neither and if i were to be in any category it'd probably be a "smart" kid too....i can prove it with my cmts....just because i dont "hang out" with them doesnt mean im not smart...it shouldnt matter who i hang out with because i honestly dont do ANY drugs at all and i dont plan on it....im tired of people being sterotipical(is this a word?) and judgemental...no this is not a mean comment im trying to make peace here...
    cmts- math-305
    i think now you can see why i think i could be catergorized with you guys...and no im not lying about those becuz they are true and i dont lie.. so when i say i wanna have peace thats the real thing...i hope you can all accept this as a "peace treaty" because i really dont want there to be fighting anymore and i just think that this all should end even tho i know that some of my friends wont forgive and forget...im not willing to forget but i will forgive and i just want us all to talk again because i really dont want to lose some friends over somthing like this and i really would appreciate that even if you guys dont want to be friends that you would all not talk about me and accept the fact that me smoking is a rumor...i have asthma you know what that could do to me??? im not stupid...so just stop and im not a slut either i havent done much with boys.....plz let this be the last time i have to even comment on this issue....<33333Jessica♥

    By Anonymous thatssojessica, at 2/22/2005  

  • hey ya'll i actually agree with Jess. And i think you guys should too. she speaks some smart language right there. And i believe her about what she said. I'm not saying you did categorize her as a smoker or a slut but if you did, seriously stop. I'm stopping about all of this and you should too. Everyone should. Alright then. guess what i might've fractured my leg doesn't that suck

    By Anonymous Shaun Morrison, at 2/25/2005  

  • thank you shaun =)

    By Anonymous thatssojessica, at 2/25/2005  

  • hey it was nothin. well it was really something. I had to get onto my computer, find elise's blog site, read the message, and type. J/K. Well i'm not but it was really nothin. Man i don't want skoooooooooooooooolll. Tomorrow's sundayyy oh crap. well adios peece out :) =)

    By Anonymous Shaun Morrison, at 2/26/2005  

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