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Ok kiddies, Flolio here. And I am now a veggo. Yes, a veggo. Also known as (i'm too cool for abbreviations) a vegitarian. Hmmph and I have impeccable timing with it all. Because today in L.A. we watched some movie about these farm animals who got abused :'( and then in S.S. we read alllllll about a meat packing plant. Blech. I also found out that most boys at my lunch table hunt, so I said "Don't shoot anything cute. Or fuzzy." Well yah then Ethan and T were looking at a hunting magazine in Science and they were hiding it from me and I said "what's THAT?" And they're like QUICK TURN THE PAGE!!!

Stupid people.... whatever. I'll just sit in my room burning insence and eating tofu. Ewwww tofu.

Mucho love-o,


  • I'M A VEGGO TOO AND TRUST ME THIS TIME........TI'S FOREVER cauz the other day i saw the most horrible special on slauter houses and i couldn't eat meat if i tried so THERE all those people *emo* who thinks i can't do it SHAZAM!!!!
    I WIN!

    By Blogger Pablo, at 1/08/2005  

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