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My Orange

I have an orange. It is soooo cool. I just took it out of the fruit bowl yesterday and started juggling it *like... soccer juggling not clown juggling. I am not cool enough to do clown juggling." And then it split and theres a big hole in it. But I still juggle with it :-D And I wrote "Elise's Orange... BACK UP OFF YA FOO" on it in permanent marker. I tell ya, its the coolest orange you'll ever meet.

Hanyways, to whomever left that comment on Emo's blog, I hope you came back and read the 6, count 'em, 6, other comments that 5 of her friends and 1 complete stranger left in her defense. Whoever you are, anonymous, *the first anonymous, not the last one. The last one is cool :-D* i just want you to know that I don't like you and you suck eggs and next time you try trashing a blog, go for mine because you'd be even more sorry. I happen to take revenge QUITE seriously, chum, so watch your back.

You wad of feces.
* I would have said shit but I have used up my swearing alottment in emo's blog's comments...*

"oops i said it again. Sorry :-(*

Ok well I'm going over to sarah's house to work on our retarded reading stories and hopefully help her finish her Santa Fe project

Mucho Love-o, Flolio


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