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First day of torture

Eeew. I went back to school today after a week and a half vacation. That is just not cool. At all.
I am once again carrying a 27 pound back pack overflowing with stupid homework that I could care less about. And I have to come up with a short story for reading. I have a couple ideas but I think I'll go with this one that's like... hard to explain. Kinda like the concept of there being things around us or sounds or something that we can't see or hear... but they somehow still haunt you... I dunno some weird dream I had. Hanyways do not be frightened I am not a psycho... right? Well even if I'm not it will be really hard to write about.

I just ate some cereal and it was good!!! Now I have to go start my not-so-good-as-the-cereal-I-just-ate-but-I-have-to-suffer-through-it-anyway-so-wish-me-luck homework. Maybe I'll update more later... OR WILL I? heh heh I'm so mysterious.

Mucho love-o,


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