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Nicky. I do not hate you. I am very upset with how you've chosen to show Sarah that you are angry with her, but I do not hate you because I do not hate anyone. Infact, I find it really hard to even stay angry with someone... but I must say that I really do not agree with what you said on your journal. I understand that you were really mad because those guys were your friends and I know you apologized, but I think sometimes you should not go all out like that. I'm not trying to be mean to you or rude, and I know I won't understand what you've gone through, but you still should watch out where and how you say things, because it could get you into a lot of trouble. You're a really good kid, and I don't want to see anything bad happen to you. But basically... just watch out for yourself because you may get yourself into some trouble if you continue to say things like that.
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  • Elise no offense or anything but I kno emily talked to you and some of the things she said really hurt and you know I didn't mean a thing I said and I know I should watch what i say but incase none of you ever noticed I know I can't take back what I said, but I did try to apologize to you guys and it still doesn't seem like you guys care I definitly apologized to Sarah because no one seemed to believe that I was sorry and I hope you do... but Sarah forgave me and I don't know why emily won't because I never did anything to her...and I'm sorry if I hurt you w/ the whold "real friends" thing because I never meant that you 'weren't ' my real friend and emily won't forgive me and I've tryed to apologize to everyone and I called Sarah and I told her how I felt and how I was confused but everyone thinks that I'm just feeling bad for myself and being selfish and i'm not! I know you're just being nice elise and there's nothing wrong w/ that but I wish that you would just be honest w/ me and tell me how you feel about what I said and forgive me after that because to me it really doesn't seem like you've forgiven me and please don't get mad at me for this comment because I just want you to know that because I just want to be friends and I don't know why emily won't give up the whole "real friends" thing because I made a stupid mistake in saying that I said that to her but she doesn't believe me...I know I was a real jerk and it still seems like the only person who did forgive me was Sarah herself...because if you haven't noticed I am really guilty still and I can't stop crying and I'm not trying to make NEONE feel bad for me and I'm not saying that it's you who thinks that, but I just can't get anyone to forgive me but sarah so I just ask you to find out why emily won't forgive me?!!! I mean I've tried to like see why she won't like forgive me but I just don't get it you know I agree w/ sarah now but then again like in some ways they're just gonna feel like screw ups and people were saying how like lucien went home and got wasted. Because he's an alcoholic! And also emily won't understand that because those kind of people drink to wash away the "bad things" so I don't know what to think I am so guilty of what i said though and I seriously hope you'll forgive me now elise? :( no one kno's how bad i truly feel...

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 1/28/2005  

  • I hope you someday realize that saying sorry doesnt take words back. Maybe no one knows how bad you feel, but i bet no one knows how much that couldave hurt some people. Think of someone besides yourself, why dont you? I know you pretty well, and i also know that sometimes you can say things without knowing how bad you make them feel. I would know, you've called me a "fat cow" many times. It doesnt feel great.

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 1/29/2005  

  • you know what whoever just left that comment about my other comment I am not frigging being selfish and maybe YOU need to stop thinking about yourself and I NEVER called anyone a quote en quote fat cow...so stop trashing me whoever you are or my dear friend danielle might just have to kung foo you right on ur ass... and you are a real coward for not leaving ur name...

    By Anonymous Adsız, at 1/29/2005  

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