Speaking of Life...



Like HWHOA it's Christmas. And I got stuff! onto my stuff list.
  • New cow pj's
  • New fuzzy bathrobe
  • Penguin shaped shower radio
  • Art kit
  • New U2 CD!!!
  • Chicago on DVD!!!
  • New Celia Rees book
  • Lots of crafty things
  • A silky japanese pillow
  • Penguin calendar
  • Penguin memo holder (I <3>
  • A reallllllllllllly pretty ring I've been dying for

Thats all I can remember right now... But I'll update if I remember anything else.

IT IS CHRISTMAS VACATION SO GO PARTY KIDDIES! Nooooo alcohol before driving ;)

Well I gotsta go watch mooooovies! Yarr it be late but I be awake! Yarr! Go count me booty gents. Ok yah I'm gonna stop that now. byes!



Ok today. Well. You know. Thank you Emo. ;) Anyway yah I'm sorry guys but I have now left the singles club :( I'll write to y'all! hehehe. Hey. Yall is two words. I mean do we all just go around combining words all the time? I mean can we just say like... fried chicken is... FRICKEN? hehehe. Sorry crazzzzy ideas i get. Ok well that's my new name for fried chicken. Fricken!!! hehehe! I'm just so happy with myself.

Ok well now its time to go write on emo's blog. Wow she gave me the password and everything... THAT my friends, that is a Grade A Mistake. Oh but it will be so fun...

mucho love-o,