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Wow guys you should really look at this site... Schweitzer Club is making a documentary on Darfur... I was writing the lines or whatever for the documentary and I came across this site... its so sad. How can this picture not break your heart...?

It's the black and white one, pretty far down the page. It's big, you can't miss it.

There's also a sad song. You can listen to it, the link is near the top of the page, in the left column.

Lyrics for the song down there.

song for sudan
i asked her to tell me her story
she started by looking away –gazing back into the darkness when she knelt to pray.
the planes dropped the bombs before daybreak -
the janjaweed stormed with the dawn.
those who could fled to the forest
to hide till they’d gone.
returning to ruins by moonlight
she found she was orphaned and then -
there they began
their exodus out of
her husband, ali, gently warned her
“if worse comes, don’t try to save me.”
you must survive with the children, so hide quietly.
the next day the janjaweed raiders
caught up and took all of the men
she watched herself widowed while guarding their sleeping children
-then into the infinite star skies
mother and children took flight
through storming sands
they crossed into chad from sudan
(bridge)his love for her kept her running
while her love for him kept her calm -
smiling when she says his name
.like a prayer for sudan.
now as i write you her story -
magboula rocks under the tree
no food for the child she cradles –
staring at me.
what will it take to remember -
what we said we’d never forget.
never again, is now, once again in sudan.
never again, is now, once again in sudan.
– like a prayer for sudan
[bamanankan background vocals]
let’s pray to get out of the dark.
some people made a plan and dropped a bomb.
let’s take the children and run away.
woman gets scared by a lot of bad things.
woman, let’s hid your children.
fighting, fighting, stop fighting, stop fighting.
people get up from sleeping
oh sudan, sudan
it will never happen again
god will not make it happen again
it will never happen again
let’s pray for sudan
never happen again
stop fighting stop fighting
fighting ruins everything.



Ok guys I can't write too much because of all that health homework... I still have to write the essay and do 3 magazines by tomorrow! And I am confident to say that I will have left the CNHMS Health Program of 8th grade learning nothing, but leaving in one piece! So Rosie gives us all this work, like, a folder bursting with papers on pot. And other stupid things that I personally could care less about because I'm not involved in them and never will be. She was telling us how not to be stressed and we're all, well you're one to talk now aren't you! You load us with work and then tell us to chill out and I CAN'T BECAUSE I'M STRESSING BECAUSE I HAVE SO MUCH OTHER WORK TO DO AND I DON'T HAVE TIME TO STUDY FOR IT ALL AND IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE. As you can see, stress has already had it's full effect on me. So I have kept allllllllll my health papers in my folder, and tomorrow, I shall dump it on her desk with a huge thud and smile. And think, "HA ROSIE, HA! I WIN!" Right... I'm crazy. But it will be my sweet revenge.

Yah so I better hop to dat health homework... one step closer to my revengeeeeeeeeee!
<3 Flolio



OK GUYS I have a serious problem. NO not that one. The one where I'm about to write something totally hilarious on this here bloggy, and then forget it as soon as I'm ready to write. Oh well.

I got a new hamster today!!! It's sooo adorable and wicked hyper. I have a feeling we'll be getting along just fine. lol

Ok holiday ensemble. How can I say this nicely... hmm... no. Not possible. We need some work. Mostly mine and Alexa's fault though, so I shouldn't be talking. But still. I'm going to convince Belden to let us play RIGHT IN FRONT of Steinny's door. I cannot wait. Everyone's gonna laugh at us, but HEY what's new???

Emo and Kate are on mission boyfriend. I don't get it, single life is the best thing that's ever happened to me and they just wanna snatch it away. Well screw it I'm taken by my grape soday hehehe. And they're trying to pair me up with... a person... and I dont really mind that person *:)* but HEY they better not force them into doing anything or saying anything or I will be like yo dawg fo shizzle not cool...izzle. Yah so ye be warned maties.

Yarr I'm off to collect me booty... yarr... so swab the poopdeck... yarr. Ok bye.