Speaking of Life...


Hokey Dokey, writing in session!!!

I am proud to say that I ALMOST got straight a's. Kinda depressed, I got one B. But I am a perfectionist... and that sucks. So without further ado, MYYYYY REPORT CARD!!!

Math- A
Art- A
Science- B+ *shrivels up in corner*
Social Studies- A
Reading- A+
French- A
Ok guys, here's the BIG SHOCKER.
Band- A+

Like whoa. Thought Belden hated me or something! Oh well she can't fail me if I pass all the pages WHICH I DID! I would now like to give a shout out to Pablo, whom I could NEVER survive band without.

Today I went shopping. With Kaitlyn. We went into Spencer Gifts. Big Mistake. Ok number one, that store is just plain GROSS. But by the time I found out, Kate was already testing out whoopy cushions. She was so put out because she couldn't find a big one. Me being the hopeless imbussile I am pointed out a humongous one which sent her into a fake-fart frenzy. She ran around the store making it's awfully realistic tooting sound. Then some guy approached us and I was freaking out in my head screaming "FAT GUY, BIG FAT GUY, DEAD AHEAD. WHOAAAAAA EVERYBODY MOVE!" and all I could think of was those two girls getting, you know, in the bathroom by some freaky guy at the same mall a couple weeks ago and my brain was in hyperdrive, and all he said was "wooo someone just did a real one over there!". Jeeeeezy creezy. All worked up about a stupid fart comment. So anyway there was also this gum that you chew and this herb in it makes you fart like crazy. I was gonna get it and sneak it to my friends becuase THEY all sneak gum in class EXCEPT for me. I thought it would be HILARIOUS to see them struggling against the gas all day. But anyway. We had to go in the bathroom and on our way out there were some, what you would call, Ghetto guys. And all I could think about again was that thing I mentioned earlier. So, in a soul effort to protect myself, I tried to make myself look really ugly by scrunching up my eyebrows in an effort to create one big unibrow. I probably just looked like I was having a seizure, but who cares. I am soooooo smart. :-*

There is a bag of pretzels in front of me.

Sing to the tune of row row row your boat!

Pretzels pretzels pretzels pretzels
Pretzels pretzels pretzels!
Pretzles pretzels pretzels pretzles
Pretzels in a bag.

Wow now that, that brings tears to your eyes. Ok that's it, I'm tired. Church at 8 tomorrow morning *once again, shrivels up in corner*. ILU all and remember to sign the new guestbook!!! I hope it doesn't cost money :( may have to delete it. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Use it while it's there! <3>


Grrrr My computer is being stupid. Can't type right now, I'll write soon.



Dust Bunnies are vicious little buggers

Dust bunnies? Yah Shmonya, they're real. Yah, they're vicious little buggers. They hide under your couch, under your bed, heck, under your fridge. Lying in wait to attack you with their little dust teeth. The only way to defeat them is when you combine a mighty warrior of cleaning products and a high-tech sweeping device. Attack them if you dare Shmonya, attack them if you dare.

Seriously one time a dust bunny tried to eat me. But I smushed it with my broom :-)